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My Dad is a Pilot Review



Because we have Ginharu Bethly's patch released and that one of her setting is her father is a pilot, I parodied one of Macross iconic song 'My Boyfriend is a Pilot' by changing the word 'pilot' to 'dad' (Of course Bethly wouldn't sing the song in the game seeing that the lyric is more fitting for the couple and that Bethly didn't have Electra complex there). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for this week we have interesting update from fan translation in regard of Bethly's patch release. Other than that we also finally have Sol Press announce the new release date for Kimiaogi along with some nukige releases, while at the same time we have a failed Dei Gratiia KS. So overall what I can say is that this week is pretty calm from the official side, while from fan translation it's pretty interesting. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

We have Mangagamer did released kunoichi nukige from Umesoft, and what I can say is that at least it's sort of interesting if you want to play nukige featuring kunoichi. Other than that, there's Black Office nukige that was released by an unknown publisher, in which it'll depict a story about an office woman who will face several sexual situation in the office or something like that (I only know that at least it'll have female MC). Feel free to get both of the nukige if you want it, and have fun. Speaking about nukige, we have Cherry Kiss announce another nukige with isekai setting, and the name of the nukige is Nympho Monster Domination (The real name of that is quite mouthful by the way). For the release, apparently they'll do it at this month (November) so let's wait and see here.

While it's logical that Dei Gratia KS is failed (It was funded at 7,844 out of 57,000) seeing that they set the goal too big for a lesser known doujin VN localization, it's still too bad though that they failed seeing that they've been want to share the VN because the story remind Lemmisca's staffs of Ever17 (For the record Lemnisca is started from the fan translation group who did Never7 as their first work in VN translation, and that they'd been inspired by Ever17). So for the next plan they decided to not working on this for seeing that the KS is failed, although they said that they may will try it again if there's another chance in the future. We also have good news as well here, in which we finally have Sol Press announce the new release date for Kimiaogi in which it'll be at Friday later, so let's hope that Sol Press already finished what was needed to resolve the bug so that they wouldn't need to delay it anymore. For anyone else who still keep the eyes on Muv Luv translation project, we finally have Photonmelodies fully translated although it's obviously still need quite a lot of time bore the release though.

For the fan translation, actually we have a full release in which it's a short otome VN that was worked on by Zakamutt. While I'm not interested to this, at least you may pick it if you've been wanted to read a love story between the princess (Who also the MC) and her ninja bodyguard. For the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 45% translated, Loverable was at almost 70% (69.98%) edited, and Eustia was finally past 80% mark (At 80.60%) translated with Eustia's chapter was at 71.07% translated along with 66.47% edited. There's Alka as well, in which currently they editing and testing Ao's patch before release it in the near future (At most would be next week), and then after that they'll continuing Kamome's translation work before finally focusing on both of Pockets and Alka routes (Both of those routes are Summer Pocket's true route). They also stated that they'll make sure that we'll have Summer Pocket available in English at this year whether it's from Alka or from KEY themselves, so let's see it later. For Summer Pocket's translation progress, we obviously have Ao's route already fully translated and for the current progress of Summer Pockets it was at 60.36% translated.

In regard of Ginharu, we finally have Bethly's patch after two months of waiting so congratulation for Tsurezure for finally manage to do it after they being stumped by the real life matter. While I understand that some people would prefer waiting until Mizuha's patch released (For the reminder Tsurezure will translated Mizuha's route last and so I called Ginharu's full patch as Mizuha's patch), you can try Bethly's patch if you've been wanting to play her route just because you've been interested with her only and have fun if you do it. For the progress, since we have Trip being sick since Tuesday (I hope he'll get well soon) so that there's not a lot of progress there, currently we have Momiji's route was at 11.94% translated with overall Ginharu was at 46.1% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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