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My Fair Cat Review



In regard of two (Problematic) releases, I decided to join both of VNs title (Kimiaogi/My Fair Princess and Noraneko 2 (TL Note: Neko mean cat)) so that we have 'My Fair Cat' as this week title. Anyway welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and while I'm supposedly be excited seeing two moege releases and that the graphic is not too bad, it's just too bad that those two releases have some big problems. Although to balance it I like some of the updates that we get, so in case you quite disappointed with the releases at least you can look forward to the updates here. If anything at least I can say that this week is slightly more lively compared to the last week, and let's see what I can write for this week as well here.

For the first updates, I'll talk a bit about the two problematic releases. While we should be happy that we finally managed to have Sol Press released Kimiaogi, apparently there's still some bug left. Namely that some text are still in Japanese and apparently some option in the menu are mixed up. I can only guess that they missed it during the QC, which once again proved that Sol Press may do the QC hastily in order to fulfill their promised release date. Honestly they didn't really need to announce the exact release date if they still didn't ready for the release back at AX (Especially if the date in question is in the near future), but I guess it's already happen so oh well. Anyway feel free to get Kimiaogi if you've been interested with that and have fun, and hopefully Sol Press release in the future didn't have the same problem like Kimiaogi.

While granted that Kimiaogi release is problematic, at least I can still say that it's not too bad compared to Noraneko 2 in that it did have the sex scenes being censored just like the first one. Granted that they give the reason such as the lack of funds to license the sex scenes voices here, but I would say that actually they can just remove the voice in the sex scenes seeing that we have Mangagamer did remove the voice for initial releases both of Koihime Musou and Kara no Shoujo. Granted it's still controversial, but at least it still less compared to their sex scenes censorship. Other reason is that apparently Harukaze decided to change the brand to Tokyotoon and decided to deal with all age VN only just like Leaf, so they decided to released the console version of Noraneko duology. I prefer Leaf treatment then, in that they didn't officially localized their old releases that have sex scenes. Censorship aside, even with Noraneko 2 being uncensored I still wouldn't interested with it anyway seeing that I'll just treat it as the fandisc. Feel free to get Noraneko 2 if you didn't mind the censorship, and have fun.

Other than the releases above, we have Lamunation release date announced and as for the date it'll be at 22nd later. While granted that obviously I shouldn't take the VN seriously because most of the time it'll have comedy and meme, at least the graphic is quite good looking so at least you can look forward to it if only for the graphic alone. We have Nekonyan gave us their monthly update here, in which I suspect that they may need to delay Senren Banka again seeing that it's still not at ~90% translated. I know that I should praise them to work diligently on that seeing they also work on both of Makeover and Hello Lady, but I thought that to fulfill the December release Nekonyan will focused on Senren Banka work only to be proven wrong. In any case, at least they already have new translator (Meru) joining to translate two side routes of Senren Banka, so hopefully the work on Senren Banka will going more efficiently and they'll manage to release it at December later. For the progress roundup, we have Senren Banka was at 65% translated and 60% translated, Makeover was fully translated and 78% edited, Hello Lady was at 90% translated and 85% edited, second secret project was at 40% translated and 35% edited, and third secret project was at 20% translated along with 8% edited.

We also have Mangagamer gave us some updates as well, and as for the roundup currently we have Sideboob 2 finished the testing, Rance 01 was at 89% edited, Uchikano was at 70% edited, Sona-Nyl was at 40% edited, and Sakuramori image editing was finished so hopefully it mean that we can see Sakuramori in the testing soon enough (I look forward to it). As for their next release after Funbag Fantasy 2, most likely it'll be Imopara 3 in which it's a nukige. Speaking about nukige, almost forget that Cherry Kiss announced the release date for their newest nukige Nympho Monster Domination, and it'll be at 21st later (Same date as Funbag 2 here).

From fan translation, we finally have Loverable past 70% mark edited or to be exact currently it's at 72.28% edited. For more progress, we also have Miotsukushi Omote was at 48% translated and Eustia was at 81.46% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 77.35% translated along with 68.06% edited and 54.24%TLC-ed. For usual update from Tsurezure in regard of Ginharu, currently we have Momiji's route was at 18.77% translated and fr the overall of Ginharu currently it was at 47.38% translated. Also apparently we'll going to have Trip take a break from translating Ginharu here and Trip did tell us that we'll not going to have weekly update for a bit, although Irru say that Hinata's patch release shouldn't be impacted or something like that (At least he did say that he'll make a post when Hinata's patch being released later).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I did take a brief look on Sol Press updates (Their first one after a while), and I'll talk about it at next VNTS Review. As for what I can say about it right now, I just wonder when we'll going to see either Witch's Garden or Mirai Radio progresses (Or both) here.


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