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Kaleido Sky Review



To clarify this week review is obviously will not reviewing this animation company, but rather it's just that I change the word 'Star' to the 'Sky' from Kaleido Star anime. The reason is because Kaleido Star is a circus anime, and that we have Aokana release in which it have Flying Circus term along with sky as the motif for the VN itself (Well it have flying shoes in the setting after all). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week the biggest news here should be obviously Aokana release. While our main release focus here is Aokana, we also have three other releases as well so overall this week is a lively one. Before going to the VNTS Review we also have Dei Gratia KS started along with YU-NO released, although for those two updates I'll comment more at next VNTS Review. Let's see what I can write for this week, and sorry for being late here.

Because Mangagamer finally manage to resolve their payment processor, they managed to released Hashihime which admittedly quite a good VN if we looking only from the premise alone. As for the premise, there'll be a murder ongoing in the alternate history of Taisho era and that the MC must solve it although it wouldn't be easy though seeing that there's time loop ongoing. While it's usually would be very interesting, it's too bad that it's a BL VN which to say quite a niche. Still if you didn't mind BL romance and want to get an interesting mystery VN you can get it from Mangagamer store, and have fun playing that. Also since Mangagamer released Hashihime, of course as usual Mangagamer announced their next release and in this case it's Maggot Bait in which it'll be released at 24th later. You may note the date if you've been interested with the twisted VN since the announcement. We also have some updates from Mangagamer, in which we have WanNyan was at 95% edited, Sukehime was at 64% edited, Magic and Slash was at 89% edited, and Uchikano was at 47% edited. I guess that's all for Mangagamer here.

Well turned out that Trip took a rest at this week, so we didn't have Ginharu update here but instead this week he announce that he'd add the new member to their team. Of course we'll going to have the update at the next week though, so you didn't need to worry for now. Other than that, we have Eustia was at 77.06% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 45.46% translated) along with 57.22% translated and past halfway (51.34%) TLC-ed, Miotsukushi Omote was at 28% translated, and the work on Yosuga no Sora still ongoing although there's no translation work on Motoka's route yet though because the team still doing TLC and editing for the previous translation. We also have Visual Arts announced their plan to released Summer Pocket at this year (They already fully translated it apparently), which to say may have some intention to stop the fan translation. Still if Visual Arts want to release Summer Pocket at this year, then I'll say that hopefully they'll be able to fulfill their promise seeing that Alka Translation already stated that they didn't have any problem with it. We also have Seven Days preparing for Golden Master, so perhaps we'll see it's release in the very near future.

I think this is one instance that Sol Press managed to have early release from the planned release date, so good for them. The release in question is Onikiss, in which it's more or less a nukige that was focused on the little sister. The premise is that a nameless siscon MC that always have a problem to study thanks to his four cute blood related brocon little sisters, so the nameless mom decided to separate him from the sisters only to be fail. As the result, the mom decided to make a rule in which whoever have the most kiss for a day will have the right to visit the MC at night. While it mean that the MC need to chose one of the four sister, it's not like that it's impossible to get all four sisters if you want to. What I can say is that the design of the sister is more nice looking compared to Imopara one, we can chose to do either kissing minigame or just usual choice, and that we can see the sister's PoV in the replay mode in which it'll be a lot seeing that it's nukige and all (At least there'll be 30 sex scenes). Go get Onikiss from Sol Press store if you'd interested, and have fun.

I guess I should praise Sekai for finally managed to be able to release Nanairo after several QAs, although the release date for that is at the same time as Aokana though which mean it'd easily overshadowed. But before going to the release we have Sekai prepared the release date for Nekonin 3, and Sanarara R was already started the editing and programming progress. For Nanairo's premise, we have our university student Makoto going back to his grandpa house and get greeted by his unchanging childhood friend. Turned out that the childhood friend is zashiki warashi, and Makoto also greeted by a mature woman who also turned out to be a demon. Long story short turned out that Makoto's grandpa also have supernatural power and Makoto inherit the power, so the demon appoint him as the spirit detective who tasked to protect the city from whatever supernatural happening that was happen in the city. Go get Nanairo from either Denpasoft or Steam and have fun, and yeah I've been interested with this since AX 2017.

As for Aokana, well there's a lot of history in that it's Ren's project in the past. At first it looks successful with him almost completed the translation, only to have him accidentally deleted the translation scripts and make a brilliant action by threw a tantrum for an inexplicable reason several months later. Fast forward to August 2018 and finally we can have this translated, and before the release they decided to have a KS which in turn prove to be a major success by gathering 11 times of the original goal. For the premise, we have Masaya (The MC) who have some traumatic past in that he dropped his successful Flying Circus career because of a reason, and nowadays he avoiding to fly. At least until he met Asuka who almost late for the school, and seeing no choice Masaya decided to have her flying together. From there one way or another Masaya find that his calling to train Asuka seeing that she have a lot of talent as Flying Circus athlete, and slowly have him confronting his traumatic past. Go get Aokana from one of many available stores (Either Mangagamer, Steam, Denpasoft, JAST, Nutaku, or either Nekonyan's own store), and have fun.

I guess that's all for this week VNTS Review, and once again sorry for being late here. See you next week.


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