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Asahi Little Sister Review



Don't worry if you're Shokugeki no Souma fans because I wouldn't talk on how messy the final arc of that manga is, but instead I'll talk about this week VNTS Review. Also Asahi here is not refer to that character in Shokugeki no Souma, but instead it's the name of one of the little sister heroine back at Onikiss that was released two weeks ago. So for this week VNTS Review I parodied the old VN Kana Imouto by using the literal translation of the title (Kana Little Sister), and of course I changed 'Kana' into 'Asahi' (If you want to play Asahi Little Sister VN then play Onikiss and enter Asahi's route there). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and like last two consecutive previous weeks this week we also have several releases although to me it's not that interesting though. Other than releases, we also have some updates as usual and more importantly we have Tsurezure resumed their update on Ginharu. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

First of all JAST announced that their Majikoi released was delayed, which honestly is very predictable seeing that it's already past summer and yet there's still no sign for the release. And not to mention that they still need to deal with removal of some voices, so perhaps they did need more time to prepare it (Well Majikoi is a redundant one anyway). Speaking about predictable update, we have Sekai hold Rewrite+ translation for a very obvious reason in that the translator (Conjueror) was passed away and therefore they need to search for the new translator. For other update from Sekai we have Baldr Sky waiting the build from Valve (Can we get the words from Sekai about 18+ contents later?), Nekonin 3 new build was in review by Valve, Bokukotsu FD was fully translated and currently in editing, and finally we have release date for Kemomusu in which it'll at 11th later.

From fan translation section, we have another release in which it's another work from Zakamutt. The work in question is Tatakareta Hae or in English it's translated as Like a swatted fly, and the premise is apparently about a politician that have a lot of prejudice towards LGBT who will rape the nurse because he think that the nurse is lesbian (The genre is nukige by the way). What I can say is that I wouldn't play this VN, but if you like to play a nukige and didn't mind about politician colorful rambling towards LGBT then go ahead and try it. For Tsurezure's update after a week of absence, currently we have Ginharu's overall was at 42.34% translated with Hinata's route was at 89.74% translated. For the rest of the update, we have Amagami was at 86.2% edited (Quite a lot of progress there), Miotsukushi Omote was at 29% translated, and Eustia was at 78.09% translated (Eustia's chapter was past halfway (52.90%) translated) along with 59.69% edited and 52.90% TLC-ed.

Mangagamer did announce that they'll re-release ef at Steam later (At 17th), which to say was redundant to me here. While granted that it mean that Steam user can finally purchase it more cheaply seeing that the older ef was at US$60 for both parts, it's not quite worth the hype as the special announcement that minori fans wanted seeing that they probably expect some interesting announcement such as the continuation of Supipara (Well I guess there's no much that they can do on Supipara seeing that minori already cease their operation). We also have Ciconia release, in which it have simultaneous release for both of Japanese and English version. While the premise was looks promising with war and all, unfortunately it's still not finished VN because Ryukishi did intend this as the fifth When They Cry series and we knew on how it need eight arcs to complete the stories (ie Higurashi and Umineko). Of course Ciconia here is not an exception seeing that it already confirmed that it'll have three arcs (ie phases) more, and even then it would still mean that there'll be the second half with dour phases (If Ryukishi keep his writing pattern for When They Cry). But if you already interested and want to try it immediately, then go ahead and have fun.

We also have Lemnisca announced Dei Gratia Kickstarter, and from the amount that they intended as the base goal (At US$ 57,000) I would say that it would be a very uphill battle seeing that the base goal was quite high for a lesser known doujin VN. Still anything can be happen when it come with Kickstarter, so hopefully Lemnisca will be successful with the Kickstarter and good luck to them. For the release, we have YU-NO remake which to be fair was not quite a redundant one seeing that the new player probably prefer the new graphic and at least it look refreshing. But still I can see on why some people prefer the older graphic, in that it have to do with nostalgia here. So yeah since I prefer old graphic a bit, to me the release is redundant one and also it's censored as well although to be fair it was released at console first though (ie PS4 in which it's Sony's console, and we know on how recently Sony tightening the censorship). But still it have some improvement though, such as the obvious updated graphic and a new hint that will appear in the gameplay although it's more or less still the same though. Anyway you can get YU-NO remake on either Steam or console version (PS4 and Switch), and have fun if you've been playing that.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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