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Techno of Saya Review



So anyone else think that Saya no Uta Steam trailer soundtrack is more fitting as techno song in which it's fitting for dance instead of a trailer for horror VN? I do (Hence the title for this week VNTS Review) and I felt that it make the trailer is quite narm instead of being scary, so much that I felt that it's very funny. I know that it's the remix of the old trailer song, but it's not like they couldn't use the old song from the trailer there. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and since apparently Decay was still busy and thus no VNTS, I'll make a review without VNTS here. As for this week, well actually I didn't quite like that there's many delay here, although if the circumstances are very severe I guess it can't really be helped here. If anything, at least there's still some updates and the releases. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week here.

As for Saya no Uta remake, other than unfitting trailer song I would say that the release itself is quite redundant because we already have this released twice (And I'm sure that JAST wouldn't change the translation here). While granted it's a HD one, I think most of the people couldn't be able to tell the difference if they use the older laptop (To me the older version is still enough). If anything, at least now that it's available at Steam so if the people prefer Steam to buy the VN then they can buy it from there. Otherwise we can treat this as another redundant release from JAST and wait for JAST to fulfill their promise in regard of their more interesting releases (ie Sumaga, Kimikoi, and Flowers Autumn), which is quite difficult to fulfill if there are many other circumstances such as the problem in the hardcopy factory if they still insist to releases the new releases alongside the hardcopy and thus inevitably delay the releases.

From fan translation here, we have Eustia was at 37.99% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 23.22% translated. Other than usual Eustia's update we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 6% translated and more importantly we have Watamasu was fully translated, although it would still take some time before the release though because the editing and QC progress was still at 0% (I assume that the team would certainly take care of that as well).

To be honest I didn't really like when Sekai announced the release date only to have them delay it for a week here (From 10th to 16th), and that case is happened at Nine 2. And not to mention the reason is quite hard to accept there, in that apparently because we have Comiket. I know that the developer probably attend Comiket, but I think Sekai here is really need to pay attention to that event beforehand before announce the release date, so that the people who already anticipate the release at that date didn't really need to be disappointed to see the release being delayed. I guess there's nothing will change if I rant here, so let's just say that it's good that Sekai here also have Zombie VN 2 release. While granted it's still serial VN and that the premise is still a post apocalypse world where the zombies roam around, at least now that I take a look at it the graphic is really looking good here. So go get the Zombie VN 2 from Denpasoft if you've been looking forward to it for a while (There's no Steam release here), and have fun.

Almost forget to inform that Steam apparently was going berserk again by removing Loca Love from their store, but apparently the reasons is because it did have rank Adult Only and yet the setting was at the high school. I know that the reason here is quite flimsy, although knowing Valve was quite dislike VNs with school setting that have sex scenes safe to say that it might be what Valve have for the reasoning. In any case, let's see whether they still can release Loca Love 2 at this month or not and hopefully they'll be able to find a new store to sell it.

Speaking about store, we have poor Mangagamer struggle with their busted deal in regard of the payment processor. I don't really know though on how that work for them, other than it's obviously very inconvenience for them that so much they need to delay Haretaka release which to say was quite a downer. There's a lot to speculate in regard of the busted payment processor here, and more importantly the last time it's happen is back at 2016 in that it also force Mangagamer to delay Haruka release for a month. In any case, for now I just hope that Mangagamer will find a solution for their problem and released Haretaka afterward, and possibly not to let this happen again in the future. 

Forced Haretaka release delay aside, at least we have a lot of updates from Mangagamer here. As for the updates, we have Uchikano was at 87% translated along with 11% edited, Funbag Fantasy 2 finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at 20% edited, Sideboob 2 was about to enter the testing, Magic and Slash was at 58% edited, image editing for Escalayer was finished, Mugen Renkan was at 86% translated and 64% edited, 01 was at quarter edited, 02 was at 93% translated and WanNyan was at 70% edited. That's all for Mangagamer's updates here.

As for Aokana, it's too bad though that it's also delayed as well although seeing that they got almost 1,200 backers they probably need some time to prepare the Backerkit (At least a month). There's also the matter that Aokana was in review at Steam, which would be took some time seeing that they deleted HGB and more recently Loca Love 2 so it's possible that they would tightening the review process (I just hope that the review process will be going well). So in any case, for now we can at least expect September's end release to be safw. Like Mangagamer, Nekonyan here also have some updates in that they have Aokana was fully translated along with 90% edited, Hello Lady was at 80% translated along with 65% edited, Makeover was at halfway translated and edited, and Senren Banka was at 35% translated and edited. Also like both of Mangagamer and Sekai, Nekonyan here also have secret projects and this time they add two more. For the progress, we have the engine for the 1st project was worked on by the developer, 2nd was at a quarter translated and edited, and 3rd was at 7% translated and edited.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


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