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ASSASSIN Ann~アサシン・アン~ [Active]



Foreword: Assassins... hackers... I expected the second luv wave or Phantom of Inferno from this game. It proved to be quite different...

Title: Assassin Ann

Developer: Active

Date: 2001-10-19

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6056

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvGMXxkzdsU


Synopsis: Four young people have the dream to stand on American stage. They set up dance team "J-RAP" and practice each day. of wanting to stand on the American stage, home of dance. They set up a dance team "J-RAP" and were striving for lessons every day. One day main character gets to know that another team member Ann is actually an assassin of a mysterious organization "Gopher". She asks protagonist for help, but he refuses due to strong sense of justice. He gets caught up in the struggle between "Gopher" organization and emerging religion "Tsunoda kai". And direct danger approaches members of "J-RAP".


Structure: 3 days

Length: 1.5 hour for first playthrough, 30 mins for consequent 7 ones

Game type: Pseudo-action erotic thriller

Difficulty: Easy, only three choices for two variants each, and each branch leads to a different ending.

Character Design rating: 1/10

Protagonist rating: 1/10

Story rating: 1/10

Game quality: 1/10

Overall rating: 1/10

Rating comments: Game's a joke.

Protagonist: Kensuke is a protagonist whose presence is not felt at all.


Characters: There aren't heroine routes. Characters here have very little screen time, and they manage to waste a large portion of that time for spontaneous H events.

Story: First thing that surprised me in synopsis is rap-band. Does such thing even exist in real world? Rappers don't really need a group, and a group of rappers can't read rap together. This is definitely not a rap band in the game. But we get to see in the opening and the ending the gigs of this band played by real life actors (and maybe even real musicians). And those are one of the most sore gigs I ever seen. Horrible song sung with hypocritical looks. But as game goes on every trace of story gets lost in spontaneous H events every odd minute and just absurdity of everything happening. Half of that little time devoted to the story protagonist just investigates dossiers of his future enemies via pc. The rest is a super forced development with some crazy characters like the monastery nun. When I tried to think what this game reminds me ... it's LIGHT MY FIRE by Take in 1998. Same musicians as main characters, same new religion threatening to conquer the world, same total absurdity of everything happening and same flood of H scenes.

I recorded only one "branch" because other branches are totally the same except for H event with a different heroine or routes with just Bad endings, branches purely for additional H events.


CG: There are quite a few cool ones, but they can't mend anything. The ratio of non-HCG to HCG are 1 to 4... Animated multi-staged H encounter with Ann only adds to the one-sidedness.

Overall comments: I can only repeat that game's a wicked joke. It tries to mimic luv wave and Phantom of Inferno with lowest level content and not a single element to enjoy.



Recommended Comments

The way this year is going, Tsukikagerou might be your last hope for a elite VN from 2001 (aside from No Reality).

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Truth be told, I already finished year 2001 and there's indeed nothing noticeable ahead. No reality is too short to take it seriously. Eve: The Fatal Attraction is actually a safe bet, just no so cool to bother a dead man's corpse. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien I respect, but just not my material. Maybe it's indeed time to give Tsukikagerou another look...

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