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Physical visual novel news for March 2019

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Sol Press managed to get Irotoridori no Sekai funded so congratulation for all that hoped for the kickstarter to succeed (I already have the japanese physical editions, but I am glad for those who wanted an english release). For those who for some reason didn't notice the kickstarter and want the physical edition there will probably be a backerkit up soon and I would assume that it is somewhat likely that they plan to sell some physical copies through Hyourin.


The voting for the wallscroll bundled with Magical Marriage Lunatics (hardcopy) has now ended and they decided that instead of only having one winner the two wallscrolls with most votes will be made. This includes the wallscroll for Luci and for Yuna. They are also available through Luci bundle and Yuna bundle.


Some people have now gotten their physicals for Volume 1 and 2 of Grisaia Phantom trigger. Really nice to see that Frontwing are finally able to deliver on physicals for their kickstarters, even though it it quite late and seem to get going rather slowly.

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Unless anyone feels like this blog is important I am most likely going to stop it after this month. Considering the low amount of people reading the different blog entries under this blog it kind of seems like a waste of time covering these things, especially because I would assume most of those who reads this already knows about the news i cover. So if you feel like this blog is important to keep speak up, if not well this will be my last entry. 

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^ Quite frankly, it might be better to make a list for the entire year with links to actual photos that you can find for the packages and constantly update it like kivandopulus does for his VN of the month list.

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