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Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc Chapter 3: White Album 2

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Foreword - As usual we don't have VNTS here, because admin Tay is still missing and presumably the technical problem was still not fixed. So here's my VNTS Review for this week, and hope you'll enjoy it.

As for the title, because we have Misa's patch released obviously the pattern for the title would be 'Star-Weaving Future Dream'. I'd know that there's White Album 2 (WA2) word here, and the reason is because the next route that Tsurezure will translate is Rikka's route. As for Rikka herself, most of the people were reminded of a certain main heroine of WA2 (Touma Kazusa) when they see her, simply because the character design of Rikka and Kazusa along with some initial setting is more or less the same one. Namely that Rikka sat besides Ryousuke just like Kazusa sat beside Haruki, Rikka like to play the piano in the afternoon just like Kazusa like to play the piano in the afternoon, Rikka was opened up to Ryousuke just like Kazusa was opened up to Haruki, and both of Rikka and Kazusa were living alone. Of course those resemblance were not enough to me to give the title 'White Album 2' so there's one more similarities here that convinced me, namely that the two songs for Rikka route here would be important to the story in her route, just like Todokanai Koi is the important song for WA2. Of course, Rikka herself is turned out to be different from Kazusa in her route simply because she didn't involved in the messy love triangle case like WA2, and that she can only play piano compared to Kazusa who can play other instruments.

WA2 comparison aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which other than Misa's patch release there's no notable updates here. Of course it did mean that there's still some updates, just not quite big. Oh and seeing that Misa's patch here is just partial patch for Hoshiori and that there's no other release for this week, easy to say that there's no full release here. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

I did hear some rumor that Frontwing (FW) license in Sekai was finished, and therefore FW decided to sell their own Grisaia trilogy by themselves. Whle this is make sense seeing that FW did managed to sell their own product (Regardless in their reliance to crowdfund), I can't help to think that Sekai was probably need to deal with a lot of loss here. In any case, I just hope that both of FW and Sekai will managed to have good releases in the future (Personally I didn't care much abut the news here). Speaking abut crowdfund, we have Kickstarter (KS) for both of Neighbor spinoff (Carrion Crow) and the spinoff of 18 otome VN Bell Chime for Gold were launched, and to be frank I'm very late for noticing the former here seeing that it's been there since November 11th. Quite an interesting idea I guess that Carrion Crow KS here want to attract the backer with famous game composer, but then again the story was still pretty much the horror one just like Neighbor here (At least it should be good if you interested with mystery). As for Bell Chime spinoff, perhaps Sekai will help the release seeing that they released the main game as well. For the funding situation, Carrion Crow was at almost halfway funded and Bell Chime was fully funded.

As for Sol Press, I see that they'll start the Kickstarter for Irotoridori at January later. I'm pretty much okay with the delay here because Sol Press were probably need to prepare some paperwork before finally they'll be able to launch the KS, but what I can say is that I'm still really hope that Sol Press was already ready to work on Irotoridori's technical work because they'll need to prepare for that a lot like I say several times (I still remember that Sekai weren't able to resolve the locale problem back at Hoshimemo). Other than the slight delay to Irotoridori KS (Earlier Sol Press said that they'll have Irotoridori KS at December), we have Onikiss was at 47% translated along with 13% edited, Hitotsuba was at 80% translated along with 70% edited, and Yotsunoha was reentering the QA in order to take care of the remaining bugs. Other than Sol Press, seeing that it's almost year end there's a chance that Nekonyan will announced something at this month, so let's see what kind of the announcements that they'll have later. For additional news here, we also have Lamunation was at 40% translated so it's should be good if you looking for ward to the meme at Lamunation.

From fan translation, other than Hoshiori Misa's patch release we have Eustia was at 60.28% translated, Harugi's overall was at 32% translated with Miyabi's route was past halfway (59%) translated, Watamasu was at 34% translated, and Loverable was past halfway (50.13%) edited. Other than those usual updates, we'd have Pure x Connect Chapter 1 was fully translated and the overall progress was 3,625 lines were translated along with 302 lines were edited, and Trans! (Toradora doujin nukige for the reminder) were at 7% for both of editing and translation progress along with that they finally managed to find the people who can solve the technical problem. We also have a bad news that Tenkiame project were stopped because some company managed to have it on Steam with questionable translation quality, and obviously it mean that there'll be no further attempt to translated this officially because it mean that there'll be the risk of facing legal problem if they attempt that. Perhaps it would be better if we wary about that seeing that currently Steam did allow 18+ VNs to enter their store, so there's might some similar problematic release in the future.

For the last update from fan translation, once again we have Misa's patch released along with Trip was already starting the work on Rikka's route in which it did show some good progress there, with Rikka's route was at 27.96% and overall progress for Hoshiori was already pass 40% mark (41.31%) translated. I would say that Trip here is doing good with that considering that Rikka's route here is the longest one in Hoshiori, and Irru did warn us that they might not managed to have Rikka's patch released for the Christmas later because of the length. For a bit of my story here, seeing that Trip did translate Marika's first I thought that Trip would translated Misa's route last because of Misa appearence here is similar to Midori's while Marika's role here is resembled Yukino and thus it would make a nice bookend (Because we have Trip did translated Midori's route first and Yukino's last back at HatsuKoi), but turned out I was wrong here because Trip did translate Misa's route as the second route. Not that I didn't have any problem with it, because it mean that with Misa's patch release here we have one more route in Hoshiori translated. Get Misa's patch if you've been interested to try it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For this week titling, I'm sure that someone would already realized that each of the title did have VNs name every time Tsurezure did release the patch, and let me say that it was my intention here that I made it like that so we have the VN name idiosyncratic titling here whenever we have Tsurezure did release the patch.

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