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Physical visual novel news for November 2018 (ongoing)

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This blog entry will be updated until the end of the month and will have ongoing meanwhile.


With Frontwing\s last update they have said that they have shipped some packages for the Corona Blossom kickstarter and that they expect to continue with the shipping until December. For Vol 1 and 2 of Grisaia Phantom Trigger they have also sent some packages, however they found a missprint on the physical manga and has to reprint that. With Grisaia the complete box they found a problem regarding the english translation for the drama CDs, they also mentioned that since Grisaia complete box is so expensive for customers that is their highest priority at the moment. They also mentioned that they plan to have finished shipping for Momoiro Closet mid December and that shipping for Wonderfull Everyday and Island is planned to start during December. Of course given their constant delays I do expect some of not all of them to at least be pushed back a bit more.


Backerkit for Island is now open.


The backerkit for Venus Blood Frontier has now opened for those who want to get the physical edition but for some reason didn't pledge for the kickstarter.


Another backerkit that has opened is Seven Days for those who missed out on the kickstarter but still want to get a physical edition.


Onii♥️Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? and The Future Radio & the Artificial Pigeons has now gotten a page on the Sol Press site and it shows that they plan to sell physical edition of them through Hyourin. Taking this into consideration I would assume they plan to have physicals of all their future releases on Hyourin.


Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation is confirmed to get an english release and to get a physical edition for PS4. One thing to note with the PS4 edition though is that two of the scenes will be modified (censored).



Here are a few titles that may be close to getting sold out or have a limited time left for pre-order.

Eroge sex and games makes sexy games is on back order on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Kara no Shoujo is on back order on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Nekopara volume 2 is sold out while volume 3 is still available but limited on Denpasoft, not sure how much stock they have left.

Physicals for Hard Work might be limited to the pre-order, not really sure how Denpasoft does it regarding physical releases.

There is also a limited amount of physical copies for Clannad: Side Stories at sekaiproject, it seems to be leftovers from the original kickstarter.

On PS vita the physical edition of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate is being sold over at ricedigital and I am pretty sure that it is a limited run.

Backerkits that are still open Alpha's Adventures, IslandLoca-Love My Cute RoommateSakura SakuraSeven Days and Venus Blood Frontier

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