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Physical visual novel news for October 2018

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Frontwing have just made an update on their Grisaia phantom trigger kickstarter where they said that they have started shipping and that due to the amount of items it will take about 1 month until everything is shipped out. So it seems they are finally able to deliver on their physical items after such a long time.

Also their kickstarter for Island is now done and it managed to raise $69,301 with a goal of $50,000. 

Loca-Love kickstarter is now also done and managed to raise $33,251 with a goal of $30,000. Backerkit is now open and it costs $44.


The kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontier ended up with ¥23,606,140 with a goal of ¥16,665,000. While the kickstarter is over it is stil possible to pledge for certain rewards through paypal and they plan to open a backerkit that non backers can use which will act as a pre-order store. While the VN doesn't really interest me I am quite glad that it ended succesfully since they seem to have done a lot of things well regarding their kickstarter such as focusing more on translation quality than they initially planned which raised the amount they needed by a lot.


Jlist has now opened up pre-order for the physical copy of Sweet Pool. Not really something I am interested in, but I guess people who are into BL are pretty excited considering its high rating.


The latest update from the Koropokkur in love kickstarter says that they have shipped out the physical editions to the backers now. I find it quite funny how quickly Mangagamer managed to get physicals out compared to other kickstarters that often use a year or two extra (sometimes even longer).


A Clockwork Ley-Line is getting its engine changed, while this seems to mean that it will be easier to work with it also means that it is going to take a real long time until they produce any physical copies for any of the VNs.


The kickstarter for Seven days is now done and it managed to raise $34,323 with a goal of $20,000.


Fatal Twelve physical copies are being shipped to those who pledged for the reward on kickstarter.


Here are a few titles that may be close to getting sold out or have a limited time left for pre-order.

Eroge sex and games makes sexy games is on back order on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Kara no Shoujo is on back order on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Nekopara volume 2 and volume 3 are said to be limited on Denpasoft, not sure how much stock they have left but will put it here on the list anyways since it can sell out at any time.

Physicals for Love's Sweet Garnish seems to be sold out.

Physicals for Hard Work might be sold out once pre-order period ends. Based on Love's... they may have a system where they only print as many copies as people who pre-order them, not sure though. 

There is also a limited amount of physical copies for Clannad: Side Stories at sekaiproject, it seems to be leftovers from the original kickstarter.

On PS vita the physical edition of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate is being sold over at ricedigital and I am pretty sure that it is a limited run.

As for backerkits that are still open there are Alpha's AdventuresLoca-Love My Cute Roommate and Sakura Sakura

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