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Little Lose Catgirl Review

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Foreword - No VNTS for this week (I understand though if both of admin Tay and Decay here were really busy), so here's another VNTS Review from mine here. Hope that you'll enjoy this VNTS Review here.

Well it's already at Thursday here in which it's obviously was already in the middle of the week so it's kind of belated here, but I guess it would be better late than never here so welcome to this week VNTS Review. Anyway as for the title for this week, since we have Nekopara Extra release at the last week I decided to just parodied it to 'Little Lost Catgirl', in which the 'Little Lost' part was came from a very obscure OELVN that was also available in Spanish here, and as for the 'Catgirl' part I think it should obvious where it was came from. As for this week, at least it's been slightly livelier now that we got Mangagamer did monthly updates here and a bunch of that. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

In regard of Sekai, first of all turned out that I was mistaken in regard of My Girlfriend is the Mermaid was console only, because turned out that Sekai will also release that for Steam (ie PC) as well. Although it's not like I find this VN interesting anyway, but perhaps some people out there would say otherwise - by the way I'm more interested with the fact that Nagisa and Kaede (Assasination Classroom) seiyuu participate in this VN rather than the VN itself lol. Other than my erratum in regard of My Girlfriend is a Mermaid, no much progress from Sekai other than they suddenly show their activity again in regard of Bokukotsu with the new round of QA was starting. I think that's all in regard of Sekai's update at this week.

Yesterday we have surprise update from Sol Press that we'll gonna have Newton VN released at August 15th later, in which while normally this should be the good news I kind of having some doubt over that seeing that Sol Press here were already delayed their release repeatedly. But if they already determined to release Newton VN at that date, it should be good enough for them and I just hope that the release will be going well for them. Other than Newton VN exact release date announcement, we also have Cherry Kiss managed to translated one third of their elf nukige, and from NekoNyan we have Sanoba was at 70% for both of TLC and editing progress along with 30% QC-ed.

As for fan translation, for most of the updates at this week we got some updates here. For the roundup, we have Eustia was at 49.5% translated and 39.57% edited along with 38.39% TLC-ed, Pure Pure was at 78.36% translated with new route (Tobari's) was at 9.35% roughly translated, Harugi's overall was at 11% translated with Branch show some serious progress here with the current progress was at 20% along with Tonoko's route was at 21% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 96% translated, and Witch Garden was at 47% translated. Other than the updates, we surprising have a new project with the goal to translate Summer Pockets, and from what I see the leader was the user who've been trying to set up the recruitment thread here only to be met with skepticism. While I admit that I was the one who is quite skeptic with the project and the engine, it's not like that the user shouldn't be allowed to translate it in the first place so what I can say is that good luck to the project, even though the line count itselves were quite alot. For the record Summer Pockets total lines were at over 110,000 lines and so far it's only ~2,200 of that were translated, and it will take longer time if we consider editing and QC progress.

Once again we have a bunch of updates from Mangagamer here which of course was always good, although too bad though that they decided to do it monthly instead of doing it biweekly like the old time. As for the roundup in regard of Mangagamer update, we have Trinoline was past three quarter (76%) edited, Sona Nyl was past halfway (55%) translated, Rance Quest was at 87% edited, Rance IX was fully translated, Amatarasu was at 88% translated along with 58% translated, Maggot Bait was at 93% translated and 45% edited, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 93% translated, and Lilycle was both fully translated and edited. What I can say in regard of the roundup is that I like that we have good progress from Sona Nyl there. Also Mangagamer did tease us with four announcements for Otakon later, with one of those was from the new partner. While we obviously still won't know what their announcements are, at least we knew that the most probable announcement would be Sakura Mori no Dreamer, although the chance of that to be happening is still quite uncertain though even with the hint tell us that - I wouldn't be so sure until Mangagamer announced that by themselves. For the last word in regard of Mangagamer, I'll look forward to their Otakon later.

I think that's all for this week even though it's a belated one, and see you at next VNTS Review (I hope that I can write that earlier).

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