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Love Live Sunrider Review



Foreword - No VNTS yet again, so perhaps both of admin Tay and Decay were really swamped by the real life matter - what I know is that if one of them want to make VNTS, there'll be a lot of updates to be catch up. So once again I decided to made another VNTS Review here, I hope you'll enjoy this time review, albeit by the time I wrote this it's been already in the middle of the week.

For this week title, I decided to just use very obvious parody of Love Live, or more specifically Love Live Sunshine because we have OELVN Shining Song Starnova release. Also if you noticed the title here, I use 'Sunrider' to change the 'Sunshine' part because from what I saw at the LP of Starnova I felt that the soundtrack when the rival idol group QUASAR have appear was more fitting to be a leitmotif of evil space empire, and we surely know that Sunrider here did have some of that because it was space opera VN - for the reminder here, Starnova was came from the group with name Love in Space who also the one behind Sunrider. Another reason of why I parodies Love Live Sunshine was because both of Starnova and Love Live here was focused on the idol group, although Starnova did only have seven members though compared to nine members of Aquors (Love Live Sunshine idol group).

After my rambling on Starnova and Aquors comparison here, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which to be honest this week was quite bluntly a dry one other than the controversy like Your Diary+. But still even though it's been a dry week, at least we still have some updates here just like usual weeks. Other than the updates, we have Sekai managed to have two releases along with Frontwing released Phantom Trigger Volume 5. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From fan translation here, no much notable update here but at least we still have both of Harugi and Eustia ongoing. For Eustia right now the overall translation progress was at 49.35% translated along with 38.63% edited, while for Harugi we have both of Tonoko's route and Branch was at 11% translated (The latter also was at 5% edited) along with Main was at 6% edited. Other than those two, we have Witch Garden was at 47% translated, Loverable was at 81.74% TLC-ed, and we also have Taraimawashi patch (One of new arc from Higurashi) released here - of course it mean that Taraimawashi had already been completely translated and edited. That's all for fan translation section here.

Apparently in regard of Schatten we'd have JAST somehow managed to keep their censorship at that VN remained in secret, at least until 4chan found out about that. While to tell the truth the censorship was only censored one scenes which admittedly could be quite problematic in some countries - it was a backstory for one of the heroine who got raped in her childhood, it still would be better though if JAST tell the people about the censorship before the release. In the end, I guess the damage was already done and apparently the blunder this time was so severe that even some people who insisted to support JAST despite the shortcomings were got disappointed, and so far there's no response from JAST other than they apologized for the mess. To close JAST section here with the positive news, according to Kimikoi translator tweet here she was already finished with the translation (Along with the retranslation of Sweet Pool), although as for the release timeline we surely couldn't know about that yet.


No much comment that I can comment on Your Diary+ other than it will be released at 10th later on Steam, and the translation itself is quite clearly messed up. Although my concern was more in regard of the H scenes though, in which it's a shame that Hobibox decided to port no H version to Steam. Granted that Steam was recently been tightening the control in regard of the game with sexual contents, but at least they can still use the store outside Steam for 18+ release of Your Diary. Also this time they didn't have the reason to censored the release of 18+ version like Eien no Aselia in the past, because they should be able to do that now that we have both of 18+ version and all age version available. Too bad that the release would be a mess there, because both of the graphic and the casts of Your Diary are looks interesting.

From Frontwing we got Phantom Trigger volume 5 release, and since the staff himself (FredtheBarber) suggested that by attaching the label Grisaia it mean the disservice to Phantom Trigger itselves, perhaps it would be better if we treat Phantom Trigger as their own (Albeit with same setting at Grisaia). While more or less I'm disagree with chapter based release here, seeing that developing one epic VN like that would more than likely need more time and a lot of work, perhaps it was necessary that Frontwing did the releases in chapter based. Anyway, as the premise we have our pink haired childhood friend ninja Ikoma Murasaki have a spotlight in regard of the clash with her sister, and from there we'll probably could know more about her presumably dark past along with Haruto's past. Even though I still didn't read this yet (Maybe I'll consider to read Phantom Trigger if I have time), it's easy to assume that Phantom Trigger story isn't over yet so perhaps Frontwing would make at the very least two more volumes that both explained Haruto's past in more detail and the finale. Anyway get the VN at the Steam store here if you'd interested and have fun. For side note here, personally I hope that Frontwing will release Island by the end of August, although there's still no detail from them yet though.

Sekai Project

Apparently the censorship mess in Maitetsu was caused by Lose request to Sekai in regard of censoring bath CG by using towel. No comment about this for now other than at least Lose still didn't go Pulltop yet for the overseas release, because we still can read the H scenes despite the doubt that was happened back when Maitetsu announced (Granted the censorship happened outside of the H scenes though). In the end, I guess I'll just leave it to Sekai how to handle those blunder there while the fan keep making the demosaic patch for Maitetsu, although personally I didn't care much in regard of mosaic here.

For the releases from Sekai, we have both of Starnova and Nekopara Extra. As for Nekopara Extra, I guess more or less it's just another Nekopara so you should know what to expect there. That said, apparently we'll gonna see of how both of Chocola and Vanilla were adopted into the family, so if you want to know more about the catgirls past I guess you should be interested with the title (Or just want to see more Nekopara there) - no sex scenes for this title by the way because both of Chocola and Vanilla were still in their childhood appearance wise.

About Starnova, like I say it's more or less an idol group VN with some idol facing the hardship before finally find their shine, just like Idolmaster or Love Live (Especially the former with the producer as the player POV here). From the first glance, it should be interesting if you've been looking forward into idol VN in which it's surprisingly rare that we can have a VN like this in English. For more info this VN was also released at Mangagamer OELVN week, so you should be able to purchase this from Mangagamer as well. For more interesting info, this VN was also did have Japanese seiyuu voicing the characters in which it could be expensive seeing that some of the cast were quite experienced in voicing eroge (Forget to say that Starnova here is an eroge as well), especially if we remember Sunrider 3 case. What I can say is that one of the OST here is quite uncanny, and that OST is QUASAR theme which could be fit in space opera as evil space empire (No surprising considering that Sunrider also have evil space empire). Have fun if you've been interested with Starnova, although I'm more or less just less interested with this compared to back at the announcement.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and I hope that someday we'll gonna have another proper VNTS there. See you next week, or maybe next VNTS Review.


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