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VN of the Month, March and April 2018




Now that I have confirmation from Dergonu that the game he was playing is not VN of the Month quality (he has stalled on it), I will move on to finally announcing VN of the Month for March and April.


March was a decent month, since it had three potential candidates for VN of the Month.  Those candidates are:

Butterfly Seeker

AI Love

Unjou no Fairy Tale

Now, despite my rating of it, I'm going to go ahead and disqualify AI Love.  Why?  Because it is essentially a borderline nukige.  It made its way onto my Chicken Soup for the Soul list, but, as I've stated in the past, that isn't necessarily an indication of kamige status.  Rather, it is an indication of how good the game is at soothing and relieving non-violent stress.

So, this comes down to Unjou no Fairy Tale versus Butterfly Seeker.  Based purely on my personal tastes, I'd probably go for Unjou no Fairy Tale, since I'm an admitted fantasy addict... but in the end, I had to (reluctantly) admit that Butterfly Seeker was the better VN.  The depth of the story, the characters, and even just the details of the important events was such that I couldn't honestly give Unjou no Fairy Tale the victory for VN of the Month, March 2018.

My reasons for excluding Etatoto from the final running are... that fun2novel's own review and private comments didn't leave me with the impression of VN of the Month quality.  Worth reading for a certain portion of the community?  Yes.  Worthy of being recommended on a larger scale... no.


Having dropped Taiju for the moment (SofthouseChara's newest SLG), I was left with only one viable candidate for April... Yuusha to Maou, to Majo no Cafe.  This is perhaps the weakest VN of the Month candidate I've put up in quite some time, but it still easily won over Kari Gurashi Ren'ai, which is the only other game that hit my baseline standard.  Naming it as VN of the Month, April 2018 actually troubles me a bit... given a choice, I wish that Unjou or AI Love had been released in April so I'd have a better candidate.  I almost decided not to name one for this month, but I reluctantly decided that it meets standards. 


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Akumade, kore wa ~ monogatari  is quite a strange vn. It starts great but it gets more boring and confusing the more you read it, eventually... (minor spoiler)


it degrades into nukige where you're spammed h-scenes. Then the final route opens and the ohhh moments start.

It does hint the culprit but what really gets to me is that it doesn't hint during the boring bits as to why its done this way aside from the 5 or so voice only lines right at the beginning. Even though it was kinda explained later, I got the feeling that I've been scammed into ~10-15hours of below average vn.

I'd prefer Etatoto over it for mystery fans just because this is an extremely frustrating read for a good portion of the vn.

Happy for me to share my thoughts with full spoilers in a pm for your blog if you want.

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