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Majokoi: Oh! Witch Girl Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (01/20/2018)

Seeing that we have Majokoi as the image header, this week I decided to just parodied Majikoi anime title and of course instead of 'Samurai' we have 'Witch' here. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which this is quite lacking of the release, compared to the last week when we have Sorcery Jokers. Most of this week update were come from fan translation project, and there's also two updates from Chinese VN official translation in which I didn't watch it closely to be honest. Let's see what I could write for this week as well.

No much update from Sekai here, so I'm pretty much just write what I missed from last week. It's good for them that they realized that Tokeijikake have some problem, so they decided to make the patch to fix the problem - at the very least they should fix the untranslated text. They also have Kanonana as the release in near future, although they still don't know when because they're waiting for the third party. For the good news from them, they already planned to released Fatal Twelve here at 31st later. No much comment in regard of this for now, other than the graphic was quite good and it's nice that we have Japanese voice.

As for Chinese VNs, to be honest I'm not interested. But anyway, from now on I'll try to track them as well. For the progress, the first one (Crysthe) was at 53% translated and halfway edited, while the second one (Rice-hime) was at 30% translated and 20% edited. Other than those two Chinese VNs, we also have update from Newton VNs project in which they'll gonna have weekly update report - and somehow I missed the first week of that from the last VNTS lol. Anyway, for the 2nd week right now the progress was the common route was at 76% translated and 30% edited, while Yotsuko's route was at three quarter (75%) translated. I'll obviously gonna report the progress of Newton VN from now on. Oh, and Cherry Kiss will launch KS for their tsundere masochist idol nukige VN at 22nd later, so if you want to back the project go ahead.

Fan Translation

Too bad though in regard of Ushieta apparently the project was dead, because there's no word from both of translator and the project leader for a year. Hope that someone would pick up the project in the future, and if possible finishing it. Speaking about pick the project, Eustia was already going the same fate in the past in which it was abandoned by Takajun, and then picked up by the current translator and still ongoing (Eustia's progress was at 32.39% translated, 19.99% edited, and 19.98% TLC-ed). We also have Musumaker was at 47% translated, which is good enough considering that some of the translators were got sick. There's Pure Pure as well in which they finished the translation of Chapter 3, and for overall progress it was at 54.34% translated. Right now we also have Koiken Otome fandisc update as well, in which it was 11% translated. As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 21.99% translated and for overall of Tsujidou it was at 81.99% translated. They also said that there's a change of plan namely that they wouldn't work on Virgin Road, because turned out that Trip didn't like Tsujidou enough (Oh well). Oh, and for Chaos Child port to PC it's still ongoing according to Committee of Zero tweet, so at least there's still some activity for now.

In regard of Loverable, right now it was almost finished - although in regard of release it's still not going in near future though because there's a lot of QC and editing work waiting to be worked. Oh, and the progress for Loverable was at 99.71% for overall while Kaho's route was at 86.95% translated, 71.02% TLC-ed, and 29.24% edited. For Majokoi, congratulation for finally finished the editing process, although knowing that there's still some TLC work left (73% TLC-ed right now) it would be a while as well before finally released. Fred himself estimated that there'll be work on the image editing and TLC for between a month or two, and after that there will be QC which would take between a month or two as well. So maybe for now I could expect that by June Majokoi should be out, if everything goes well that is. I'll be looking forward to the release, considering that this is would be first Nijima Yuu's work to be translated.

I think that's all that I could write for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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 - although in regard of release it's still not going in near future though because there's a lot of QC and editing work waiting to be worked


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