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Little Busters X Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/04/2017)

For the title, since we had Little Busters release at Steam and Princess X release by JAST I decided to just combined both title into 'Little Busters X', in which ironically it was sounds a lot like Little Busters EX and that version was contained 18+ scenes - and there's the fact that Steam version didn't contain 18+ for obvious reason. Speaking about Steam, apparently they didn't allow 18+ patch anymore so obviously Mangagamer couldn't do the same thing like Dal Segno anymore, and maybe there would be many VN company in the future will cut H content for Steam release there. Other than that, I can't comment much about that here.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and this week once again we had several updates along with VN Releases (Duh). As for the releases, it was obviously Little Busters and Princess X which is very opposite if we talk about the content here considering that the latter did had many sex scenes and the former didn't had any. As for Princess X release, well at least JAST managed to release two VNs in two weeks which is good for them I think even though I didn't interested with the titles here. About the VN itself, it was just a monster girl nukige thing and my impression here would be still the same like back at AX 2016. Though that said, apparently it had some deconstruction though in regard of sex with monster girl so perhaps it could be interesting for some people. Well have fun if you already interested with Princess X there, and if you curious about the deconstruction here's the comment about Princess X from VNDB courtesy of Tyrosyn.



... Princess X is not your average monster girl game.

In fact, Princess X deconstructs the genre and its tropes. Everything in this game is deliberating repulsive to fans of the genre, it's one big awesome troll game making fun of everything monster girl fans like (like how unpleasant the daily life with a monster girl waifu really is) and showing the things monster girl fans try to ignore (like how disgusting it is to have sex with animal body parts).
Sure, you...


For Sekai we had them released two additional stories for Nekonin in which both of the stories for side characters, and it should be good if one want to romance two side characters that was available in Nekonin. Other than Nekonin, we had Hoshimemo finally had estimated exact release date in which it would be at January later, and Sekai will release the beta version for the backer at 17th later. Not much interesting news from Sekai here to me, although the reason here was because I'm waiting for Tokeijikake exact release date though.

For fan translation here, we had Eustia was at 24.38% translated, Loverable was at 93.58% translated along with Kaho's route was at 57.21% translated and 25.61% edited for overall script, Pure Pure Chapter 3 was at 30.43% translated and overall was at 44.23% translated (The translator said it was rough one though), Musumaker was at 43% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 8% edited, Maki's route from Tsujidou was at 48.56% translated and overall was at 61.67% translated, Tsukiyori was at 21.8% translated and 12.9% edited - there's no much progress in translation because the translator did had overtime for several days but at least the editing was going nicely, and if some of you interested with Sansha Mendan finally we had the exact release date there in which it would be at December 1st.

Speaking about Sansha Mendan earlier, actually this time we had the new project from the translator (Quof) himself in which his project was Lovely x Cation 2 - I'll shorten it to LxC2 next time. It's not that surprising though if he would translate this eventually, but seeing that he was already bitter about translating the first Lovely x Cation say that it's good to see that Quof is already recover there. As for the plan, he was going to release the patch for each heroines route just like both of Majikoi and HatsuKoi (Interesting that LxC2 designer also work at HatsuKoi), and the order goes like Hime's patch first, then Hinata's, Seine's, and finally Wakoto's - if all goes well by January end we should have Hime's patch. No spesific plan in regard of 16 append disks, but at least I knew that it'll bring additional 34 H scenes and it was released monthly for a year - the additional four was came from each heroines birthday date. I'll keep my eyes on this later, even though it's just like old dating sims VNs in regard of raising status.

There's an interesting news in regard of Wild Romance that apparently it will be have 18+ version released in English, which should be good if you want to play it fully since the original version of that was supposed to be nukige, and the Steam version was cut a lot of sexual content which is essential to any nukige. Still have no idea in regard of this, so for now I'll just wait and see in regard of this. For the last news here we had Little Busters released at Steam in which it translated three additional routes as well, which was missing back at 2011 patch (Formerly posted at TL Wiki, and obviously meant that this is one of TL Wiki projects back at 2010). As for the VN itself, I think it should be well known enough and it was already discussed to the death. Anyway, while I think that this release was quite redundant it should be interesting to play if one want to see three additional routes, and maybe some graphical improvement although it was the least interesting feature to me though.

I thunk that's all for this week, and see you next week.


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