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Leon's Harem Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (11/11/2017)

Yeah I knew it's very corny one for the title, and it sounds like the description of an anime with many girl inexplicably fall in love with the MC whose name is Leon. As for the real reason, it was because we had two girls from KARAKARA as the image header and the girls themselves were fall in love with KARAKARA MC whose name was Leon. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for be late here again. As for this week, like Decay said there's nothing much that I could say in regard of that, although KARAKARA's one of new heroines full name was interesting though in which it was Rebecca Valentine - coincidentally I did make a VNTS Review with that title back at February, so I think it's interesting that the developer saw my VNTS Review and decided the full name of Rebecca from there lol.  Although to be fair there's another possibility though, namely that the developer was inspired by Resident Evil for the name of two characters because back at RE we had Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as main characters. Let's see what I could write for this week here.

Although I did say that there's no much for this week, we still had some usual progress from fan translation. This week we had Eustia at almost a quarter (24.85%) translated, Lee's route from Majikoi A-3 was had 29 out of 32 scripts was translated - I admit that I didn't closely follow Majikoi A-3 translation project, Musumaker was at 43.3% translated, Loverable was at 94.2% translated with Kaho's route was at 61.39% translated (Also was at 25.57% edited and 61.36% TLC-ed), Pure Pure was at 45.65% translated and for Chapter 3 right now it was at 40.21% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was at 89% translated. Surprisingly this week we also got Yosuga no Sora update considering that it's more than a year since last update, with Motoka's route was at 40.52% translated. For Tsukiyori right now it was at 22.6% translated, while for Tsujidou there's still some translation work courtesy of Trip. For more detail right now Maki's route was at 61.94% translated and overall was at 65% translated, and because Trip tell us that by the time Urrim resume the editing work that the progress would be had some regress (The number was go down) I'll report it as 'translated and edited' if the regress would be really happened.

No Mangagamer updates for this week, which is quite unusual considering that they did the natch updates two weeks ago. Then again, maybe Mangagamer was preparing for their convention and two VNs release at 17th later, so perhaps we will see their updates next weeks. Oh, they did another VN release there which is a nukige from Umesoft. The premise was just a sexually frustrated wife who had affair with the mailman which according to the synopsis was a handsome one, which safe to said it's definitely not a grand story and therefore I didn't care about the release. That said, I think it's still okay though if Mangagamer really want to release that.

As for Chuusotsu, apparently the release was delayed to March 2018 later because of the translator real life matter. Not much saying here other than if you looking forward to Chuusotsu hope that you're willing to waiting longer. There's also another rerelase of Wild Romance, in which it would also translated the H Scenes as well and they will release that on Steam. Which is interesting considering that Steam was supposed to banned the discussion about 18+ patch, but then again there's no rule about spread 18+ patch outside of Steam anyway so yeah we still got 18+ patch for Wild Romance Steam release - for more info about new release of Wild Romance check this post here. Speaking about Steam, we had JAST did release Eiyuu Senki for that version. Seeing that we already knew that PS3 material could be ported easily to PC version, I think the Steam version would contain the additional scenes. Well the release was redundant enough anyway, although it could be good if someone want to get Eiyuu Senki Steam legally.

The well known release for this week was KARAKARA 2 which is the sequel of KARAKARA. As for the VN itself, it was tell a story about an accident that happened in the past that caused the world to decay, although it was very vague anyway and didn't get focused much. Instead we focused on how our MC Leon was living with two girls, and this time he got two additional female to live with - Rebecca who apparently like to plant the seed and the ninja girl Mari. For now I think it's only moege instead of some epic story just like Nekopara if we talk about KARAKARA, but I think it could perhaps had some potential. Other than KARAKARA 2 release, no much news from Sekai there.

That's all for this week albeit a bit shorter here, and see you next week.

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