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VN of the Month November 1993 - Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou Vol. 2



Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou Vol. 2 is the only masterpiece of November 1993.

1. Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou Vol. 2 大江戸探偵 神谷右京 Vol2 [931105] Altacia
Ukyo was introduced to a client, but that client was found dead hanging on a rope. Moreover, Ukyo was attacked by someone shortly. Now it's his duty to investigate the truth behind the incidents.
This time the story is about the debtor. New girl character is introduced and she helps with the investigation. It has everything that prequel had but with better atmosphere with more professional approach. Graphics is good enough and there is eye and mouth movement to make it lively. Directorship can also be praised since backgrounds and objects change each other in a nice fancy way. The game has an easy-going atmosphere and some HCG. All that makes it a masterpiece work, the last in the series since the series took the turn for the professional detective investigation rather that entertainment.


2. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 06 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第06話 [931110] Silence 1
In this episode a treacherous BEM uses magic that puts Lime to sleep near a swimming pool. Lime is then captured by a powerful demon named W. Pegasus, and it's up to Bass to rescue her.
A serious and dramatic ending of the first arc. Only first six games are released on Saturn with voice and further six games have FM-Towns releases at best. Somehow pc-98 version gets stuck on the same place, so video footage is couple minutes short of the ending.


3. Kindan no Ketsuzoku 禁断の血族 [931112] C's Ware 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The protagonist of this game is a young boy named Ken Ohsato, whose parents were killed in a traffic accident. His father had worked for a big corporation before he died; its owner, a very wealthy woman named Reiko Hayami, decides to give the poor boy a new home. As Ken enters his new residence, he is pleasantly surprised to discover that from now on he will share a house with Mrs. Hayami's five young and beautiful daughters. But not all is simple - soon the young hero will find himself involved in complex relationships he would actually prefer not to have...
Game has many English reviews.


4. More and More もああんどもあ [931112] Cuisse
Koichi Shima runs a detective business in a downtown of Tokyo. He wonders around the district looking for work.
Game's hardly known at all, but the mood is joyful, girls are nice and scenario has lots of comedy elements. It's an enjoyable work to play, but I could not get used to spontaneous H events.


5. Chiemi 稚恵美 [931119] Red Zone 1
There are three different scenarios. You end up on a different plane depending on which scenario you choose. You'll conduct an interview with the director in the beginning and how you answer her questions determines which path you take.
There is an English review.


6. Dead of the Brain 2 [931126] Fairytale 1 2 3 4 5
The events of the game take place shortly after the ending of the first game. The devastating zombie invasion, caused by the scientist Dr. Cooger and his resurrection medicine, was finally stopped, and the young hero Cole could marry his sweetheart Sheila. But alas, if only everything could be so simple... A biker gang starts terrorizing the town. Sheila and Cole find a dead body in Cole's apartment. And soon they discover that not all the traces of the resurrection medicine were destroyed...
There are English reviews.


7. DOR Special Edition '93 DOR SPECIAL EDITION'93 [931126] D.O. 1
DOR Special Edition '93 is neither a compilation, re-release, nor a remake; it is an independent entry in the DOR series. Typically for the series, the game consists of three completely unrelated scenarios. They can be accessed from the initial game "hub", which is viewed from a top-down perspective and allows the player to control the sexy demon Akuma, the series' mascot, as she runs around a small town, visiting houses that lead to the game's features: playing the scenarios, viewing the pictures, getting acquainted with the developers, etc.
The first scenario tells the story of a Japanese businessman and treasure hunter named Hiroshi, who has organized a perilous expedition into South American jungle, hoping to find the legendary spring of eternal youth. However, on the way to their discovery, the group has to confront monsters and other dangerous specimens of the jungle...
The second scenario is set in a pseudo Middle-Eastern environment, and focuses on a man named Farouk, who was cursed by an evil magician. In order to remove the curse, Farouk travels through a vast desert to a nearby town, hoping to find people who would help him in his predicament.
The third scenario directly continues one of the scenarios of DOR 2. It is sub-titled Armored Fighter Gyleban, and is the second part of the story. The protagonist is the leader of a squad of female fighters, who confront an organization under the leadership of the evil Grauber. Grauber's warrior, a young girl named Meiya, switches sides and decides to help the heroes in their battle.
I liked it how the stories got longer and more exotic, but overall it's the same DOR experience as usual.


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