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VN of the Month December 1993 - Demon City



As usual, December stacks the most masterpieces. HHG Heart Heat Girls , Rance IV - Kyoudan no Isan - , Demon City , Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku , Zoku Youjuu Senki -Suna no Mokushiroku-. I found Demon City the most enjoyable and thus it's VN of December 1993.

1. Injuu Genmu 淫獣幻夢 [931201] Ringerbell 1
The plot of Injū Genmu is rather simple: the King of Beasts commands you, a lowly minion, to venture into the world of humans and bring him young, pretty girls. To do that, he must defeat them in the traditional Japanese matching card game hanafuda.
There seem to be 12 rounds overall with HCG after each win. I have real doubts that this card game can be called a visual novel - maybe windows version, but definitely not pc-98 one.


2. HHG Heart Heat Girls HHG ハートヒートガールズ [931202] Cat's Pro. 1 2 3 4
HHG is set in a futuristic world, in which humans co-exists with androids, highly advanced cybernetic organisms. However, this co-existence is anything but peaceful, since android are going rampant, and a special police force known as ACP ("Anti Criminal-cyborg Police") is specifically assigned to deal with them. Two young and lovely police officers, Angelica and Apple, receive a S.O.S. signal from two army pilots, who were attacked by a mysterious female cyborg who called herself Patricia von Kreuzel. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the heroines find no survivors. Together with their colleague, a young detective named Keith, they must investigate and solve this case.
There are English reviews, including mine.


3. Anniversary ~Natsuyasumi no Omoide~ アニヴァーサリー ~夏休みの想い出~ [931203] Chime 1
Anniversary: Memories of Summer Vacation tells the story of a young girl named Ringo. One night, Ringo witnesses an impish girl named Cherry seducing another girl. At first she feels repulsed, but after a while finds out that she is excited... soon she and Cherry become lovers and soulmates, unaware of the fact that Cherry is being hunted by the authorities...
Graphics are very vivid, but number of commands is big. The story is funny, but filled with numerous spontaneous H yuri events.


4. Dragon Half ドラゴンハーフ [931203] Micro Cabin 1 2
One of the games based on Ryuusuke Mita's eponymous manga. The story focuses on the manga's protagonist, a cute half-human, half-dragon girl named Mink. She is in love with a pop singer and dragon-slayer Dick Saucer; however, to win his love, Mink has to find a magical potion to turn her into a human. In the game, Mink and her friend Lufa and Pia are having a vacation on the beach, listening to Dick Saucer's concert on the radio. When Dick mentions Mink in his "special thanks" speech, she decides to find him no matter what, even if it means changing her own nature.
Cute. Simple. Addictive. Fun. There is a review in English.


5. Gakuen Monogatari '93 ~The Instinct~ 学園物語'93 ~The Instinct~ [931203] Foresight 1
Millions of light years away from Earth, on a planet called Cicero, there existed a highly advanced civilization. However, it was all but destroyed by a life form known as "Barius", a parasitic creature that caused living beings to completely give up to their sexual instinct and innate aggressive tendencies, effectively turning them into monsters. To avoid global contamination, the inhabitants of Cicero left their planet. The remaining creatures, infected with Barius, used a capsule capable of space travel, and eventually showed up in our galaxy. The capsule containing ferocious monsters is nearing the Earth. Unaware of this unimaginable danger, the protagonist of the game, a young teacher in a girls high school, thinks of nothing but sexual pleasures...
I did not get much liking towards this erotic bakage. I am not fond of its graphics as well. The number of commands could be smaller. Still the pace is good and music is joyful


6. Youto Densetsu 妖刀伝説 [931208] Altacia
Jubei is a high school student who comes from a shaman family of shrine protectors. The shrines hold the barrier between this world and Makai. One day the barrier gets breached and closest people to Jubei get attacked by a monster.
I was actually very impressed by the game. Great music, fascinating story, fast-pace development, bright colors, wide use of animation. I only regret of not being able to finish it as pc-98 version gets stuck shortly after switch to last diskette.


7. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 07 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第07話 [931210] Silence 1
In this episode a new type of BEM has found a way to upset people's stomachs by disguising itself as food. Bass and Lime attempt to tackle the BEM, and Bass feels that violence would be the only solution.
The second arc begins with a comedy episode as if nothing really happened last time. It's nice that the stories don't repeat previous ones, but have a different approach each time.


8. Rance IV - Kyoudan no Isan - ランス4 -教団の遺産- [931211] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
Hundreds of years ago, the Master of Magic decided to use his immense power to bring peace to mankind and to annihilate the demons on the Earth once and for all. In a grand battle that lasted thirty-two years, his army defeated the demonic forces. However, as always in such cases, something went terribly wrong. Now the one who must correct things is Rance, a young warrior with nothing but sex in mind. As always, with the aid of his lovely slave Sill, Rance will prevail in his fight against darkness... but not necessarily against his libido!
There are English reviews.


9. Maten Gakuen ~Jigoku no Love Love Daisakusen~ 魔天学園 ~地獄のラブラブ大作戦~ [931213] Birdy Soft 1
The tribe of demons dwells above the Himalaya mountains. The demon king Zenon is harboring a plan to occupy the Earth and subdue the humans under his yoke. But first, following a demonic ritual, he sends his son to a Japanese private high school. With his side-kick Zabo, who can miraculously change forms and genders, the young demon offspring is incarnated in a human form and has to deal with the hormonal problems most human teenagers suffer from.
The last work of Birdy Soft. Technically there will be one more ugly weird work in 1996 and some nukige in 2002, but those don't count. The quality level is unstable according as the main staff left without finishing the work. Many different character sprites are reused over and over. But I liked the characters and the atmosphere.


10. Gokko Vol. 03 Etcetera Gokko Vol. 03 Etcetera [931216] Mink 1
"Etcetera" describes quite well the content of this game, which is the third volume in the Gokko series. While the two previous games were dedicated to certain themes or scenarios (doctor and school girls, respectively), the third one is a collection of multi-thematic stories of a sexual nature. The protagonist is a young Japanese male (default name Shouhei), and his first objective is to seduce his boss's sexy sister. In following chapters, the hero encounters other women (sports car driver, journalist, etc.), each encounter ending the way one would expect from an eroge.
Lots of exotic situations this time.


11. Dennou Tenshi: Digital Ange 電脳天使 デジタルアンジュ [931217] IDES 1
A guy goes out one day and happens upon a vagabond floppy disk. He takes it home, loads it up on his computer, and watches in amazement as a girl pops out of his monitor. Some giant mecha land outside his house; female pilots emerge from the machines and congregate with the disk-born chick, who can control the mighty pink mecha. They all hang around for a while, lounging, talking, and bathing. A few mean girls (including an unpleasant "copy" of the pink-mecha pilot) show up in their own giant machines.
There's a nice English review.


12. Doppyun Donpisha ドッぴゅんドンぴ写 [931217] Peach Soft
Hero is an aspiring photograph to cover women photo sessions. But he actually is tired of those neat photos and wants to shoot usual girls outdoors in their natural environment and without being caught by the police. He looks up to a colleague who agrees to accept the hero as his apprentice if he made nude photos of a list of girls.
Another Classmate imitation. I did not get to the girls part, but it's reported that the destructive power of this title had some notable impact on eroge history.


13. Yami no Ketsuzoku: Harukanaru Kioku 闇の血族 遥かなる記憶 [931217] Naxat Soft 1
Harukanaru Kioku is a re-imagining of earlier Yami no Ketsuzoku games. The basic plot follows the events that began in the first installment, but it is told in an entirely different fashion, with different scenes, dialogues, etc. For example, the game begins a short while before the starting point of the first chapter, and contains conversations between the protagonist Miyu Izawa and the murder victim Marie, which were not present in the original story. The visual style of the game is also quite different, with bright anime-like graphics atypical of the previous entries.
Those remastered versions... Cuter, lighter version for pc-engine. Same serial killings and same key to them in Mexico. Voiced and... conversations can not be skipped, so it would be a torture for X68000 version owners. Actually, all three japanese reviews out there could not withstand unskippable dialogues. So great feature indeed!


14. Demon City デーモンシティ [931221] Cocktail Soft 1 2
On the continent of Barnhedge, there lies a kingdom named Vagrand. The inhabitants of the country are followers of what they call the "True Religion", which teaches them, quite simply, to enjoy life in all possible ways, without controlling their desires and lust. As a result, the capital of Vagrand became the center of corporeal pleasures, and its neighbors started calling it the "Demon City". The player controls a Vagrand knight who is sent by the princess Leticia on a confident mission. But intrigues and uncontrolled lust surround the hero everywhere: opposition in the palace, a young girl named Milk who wants him all for herself, and the mysterious cult of the Moon are all there to make the hero's life hard...
Game has a borderline synopsis to my standards. Yuaranas who we play by actually has a profession of sex fighter which means that he is bestowed with power to forcibly adhere women to the religion of universal pleasures. He has 31 wives (only one appears in game though) and he's got much influence. There are seven characters to capture - princess, dancer, knight, librarian, nun. But actually there are less than 10 H-scenes which is not that much. Overall there are six chapters and just one ending. The setting is impressive. "Blue Moon" cult is expanding its believers circle preaching return to "love and purity" and the king orders us to reform that sect and bring them back unto orthodox pleasure religion. At the same time the strongest military unit in kingdom "Black Wing" wants to kill the heretics. Game is made by my most esteemed Cocktail Soft studio and I prepared a full review of it.


15. Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 河原崎家の一族 [931222] Silky's 1 2 3 4
Rokuro Saito is an ordinary Japanese high school student. Summer vacation has arrived, and, as it often happens, he is out of money. Then he hears that Kawarazaki, a wealthy and powerful magnate, needs someone to take care of his mansion during his absence. When the boy arrives there, he is surprised to discover that the mansion is mostly populated by young attractive women - relatives, employees, maids, etc. Naturally, he is willing to concentrate on his job only inasmuch as it doesn't impede his advancements on the other "mission" - get friendly with every girl and... you know the drill. However, soon he begins to realize that something more sinister is going on in the mansion...
I rate this work as a masterpiece and for that I owe an explanation. I still can't stand nukige, but this work was one of the pioneers of multi-story multi-ending traits and on top of that it spawned the "museum" type visual novels boom. And most importantly it finally derivated from command selection formula towards ADV with branches on choices. Today it feels like a totally normal game with a tilt into nukige, but at that time modern visual novel composition was way too bold. After a series of very narrow-minded works, Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku finally made the name of Silky's recognizable. Silky's was an experimental brand to produce multiple stories packs and minigames, but from this work it finally found its niche and concentrated on big stories with erotic content incorporated, but not being the only content provided. The work is also is polished well with great sound and graphics. That all makes it a masterpiece despite my desire to keep masterpieces list clean from nukige.


16. Night Walker Mayonaka no Tantei ナイトウォーカー 真夜中の探偵 [931222] Tomboy 1
Shido Tatsuhiko is not only a private eye…he is also a vampire with no real memory of his past. Joined by Yayoi Matsunaga, a female government agent, Riho Yamazaki, an orphaned teenage girl working as his secretary, and Guni, a little green imp, Shido must face demonic creatures known as Nightbreed. Meanwhile, Cain, the vampire who made him what he is now, is seeking him…
Character design for this game is outstanding and there are some really good CG, but the plot actually lacks excitement and results in weak impression. It is one-way road with only couple additional CG to be missed on wrong choices. Quite an average adult work about vampires, so it was suddenly remembered only five years after release since the game mysteriously got anime adaptation.


17. Sei Jeremiah Gakuen 聖エレミヤ学園 [931222] Lunar Soft 1 2
Nishina Hitoshi is an agent of Secret Police and missioned to investigate the murder case in the Saint Eremiya girls school. Five girls of the school died from the destruction of soul. The destruction of soul is a very rare phenomenon, so it's entirely extraordinary that it happens at 5 girls at the same time in a place. To figure out the case you get a job of chemistry teacher in the school, with your standing concealed. And a girl-partner Kamishiro Izumi gets an entrance into the school as a student. You and your partner work severally and exchange information sometimes. St. Eremiya is a mission school and the president and the chief teacher are nuns.
There are two English reviews.


18. Zoku Youjuu Senki -Suna no Mokushiroku- 続妖獣戦記 -砂塵の黙示録- [931223] D.O.
It is now the year 2048. You are the captain of Anti Strangebeast Special Police (A.S.S.P.) created to deal with the nuclear post-apocalypse gene outbreak.
You've repelled the beasts from the Sophia police district, but the battle is long from end. Next A.S.S.P assignment is to destroy the beasts outside Sophia police district and to weaken them. The time of direct conflict has come.
It has a well-known English localized prequel Youjuu Senki -A.D. 2048-. At first I blocked second part as eroge due to high amount of rape, tentacle rape and monster rape, but the third part in trilogy released in November 1995 was so amazing, that I had to reconsider about second part as well. So second part was released just two months after prequel and it at has roughly the same synopsis. The scale of the story got bigger, the volume increased as well. The SRPG part in Yuujuu Senki A.D. 2048 was horrible and it averted many serious SRPG lovers. In second part SRPG system is improved, so gameplay can be enjoyed. It's a well-rounded work that fixed the faults of prequel and prepared ground for the excellence of following part. The characters here are already alive, but the story still lacks real drama that would only take place in third game.


19. Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers 聖少女戦隊レイカーズ [931225] Apple Pie 1 2 3 4 5
Akira Daidōji was just an ordinary teenager until one night he had a strange dream. When he woke up he was contacted by a mysterious stranger from another planet who told him that the Gadram Empire is attacking his homeland because they need the power of the so-called Laker Crystals to survive. Akira was chosen as the next guardian of the crystals. In order to defeat Galvan, the dark leader of Gadram, Akira has to discover five young girls with special powers and assemble a team for the upcoming battle.
TBS with usually two stages of battle - first initial attack and then fighting in phantom zone. Between the battles there are events, often with H-scenes. The feature of this game is difficulty with landing attacks, especially at the beginning with chances of about 60% and even in the final sequences not going over 80%. So constantly need to unilize attacks from sides and rear that increase attack raiting thus swarming each enemy one by one. Also characters acquire EXP even when defending against an attack.


20. LEX Kyonyuu Monogatari LEX 巨乳物語 [93] Studio Sold Out
A digital comic adventure in search of big breast girls.
Each girl has a short situation introduction followed by inevitable H scene. Backgrounds are filtered photos.


21. Gegera no Joshikou Indoka Keikaku! Part 1 げげらの女子高印度化計画!Part.1 [93] Studio Sold Out Pie
An all-girl school introduces co-education due to diminished number of students. Main character is one of the lucky newcomers. He gets a cold welcome by three girls clenching fists and one even holding a baseball bat. But when there's a will, there's a way.
There are encounters throughout the school, but there is also a quiz that gives additional HCG as reward.


22. Anna Midaller's アンナミダラーズ [93] Toukyou Club
Anna Midaller's is a cafe known for its pies, especially cream pies. This place is crowded. Let's investigate its popularity.
Pretty random scenes, full H-tilt.
i93MgeYLFF.jpg23. Tantei Imasato Misa Jikenbo: Itoshiki Onna yo, Satsui no Bishou o 探偵今里美沙事件簿 愛しき女よ、殺意の微笑を [93] Maimai
My name is Misa Imazato. It's been three years since I started helping my father.
My father is a retired police officer working as a private detective.
Today he is outside the office pursuing a case. However, my father does not consider me an independent adult, so I'm always only answer telephone calls.
What can I do to make him recognize me as a full-fledged detective?
This time Misa will try to solve a new case herself. But her client suddenly burns down. And it turns out to be the beginning of  a well-engineered serial murder case.
It's a detective story, so not for me
24. Tantei Imasato Misa Jikenbo: Sonzai Shinai Futatsume no Shinjitsu 探偵今里美沙事件簿 存在しない二つめの真実 [93] Maimai
Amateur detective Misa starts her second case secretly from her father. This time two terrifying truths appear before Misa, and she needs to investigate both of them.
It's a detective story, so not for meIt's a detective story, so not for me


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