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The June 2017 releases

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I am bored, so I figured I would note the non-nukige VNs scheduled to come out on PC at the end of the month, for those who are interested.

Ojou-sama wa Sunao ni Narenai - This game looks to be the first serious title by Ensemble in some time (since Gokigen Naname), just going by the descriptions of the situation and the protagonist.  While the setup is definitely a twist on the Shugotate theme (sans cross-dressing), it is nonetheless one of the two games I'm seriously looking forward to from June's releases.

Ren'ai Kyoushitsu - Just looking at this one, it screams 'standard-issue charage, in pretty pink, as usual!' to me.  I read up on it, but the descriptions and the fact that the writer isn't named tell me that this is just yet another newborn company trying to bite into what is left of the decaying mainstream charage market.  Unless this game massively exceeds my expectations, I can't see it going anywhere.

Tantei Seven - For some weird reason, the people who brought us the Illusion-game knnock-off Musumaker are now bringing us a mystery game... and not only that, they seem to have decided adding in downloadable episodes later on (for a price) is a good idea in a game that is focused on story... typical Illusion-imitator.  In other words, I'm not willing to buy this one, since I don't like this kind of company.  However, if you play it feel free to tell me what it was like, lol.

Akane Iro no Kyoukaisen - This is the second game I'm looking forward to from June's releases.  Just from what I've read up on it, I feel excited, since there hasn't been a youkai-VN in a while.  My addiction is rising...

Pure Song Garden! - I used to love Pulltop, but the company seems to have abandoned what made them one of the sharper weapons in Will's armory.  Honestly, for a company that was previously so great at balancing moe, charage elements, and story, it is immensely disappointing that they would do something as puerile as an idol game... two times in a row.  I was hoping their next release would be something heart-warming like Natsuiro Recipe, but I guess I should have known this company's executives are shooting something nasty into their veins before board meetings.

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26 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:

>Ren'ai Kyoushitsu

This actually just got delayed.

*shrugs*  I couldn't care less... After spending four hours trying to get into Recette to see if it was worth playing, my tolerance for yurufuwa moe is really low...  I used to not mind that crap, but...

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This month looked decent compared at least to the rest of the year, but like half of the titles have been delayed.

The ensemble game could be good if they not force a weird device to the mc and the main heroine get closer. 

Though im not expecting something like Satsukoi, Akaneiro have potential if they not try to do more than the plot support.

Pulltop and AXL disappointed me with that futuristic idol crap.

If all goes wrong we have some Mashiro at least.

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