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Manga Chronicles Part 3: Mayo Chiki





Mayo Chiki


Mayo Chiki, a short romance manga with a trap heroine and a satisfying ending. That's the gist of the manga. In all honesty, it really isn't anything special. The characters are decent, the art could be better and the events and interactions are pretty average. However, the central dynamics and the ending are something really special. Anyways, Mayo Chiki is 40 chapters long, including all the extra chapters and omakes. It also has a short anime for it, but it's awfully butchered and doesn't follow the manga that much.

In its core, this manga is horribly rushed. You can see all the tears and rushed releases when you read it. Half of it is constructing the relations with the MC and the main group of characters. Not even 10 chapters in and we already have three potential love interests and maybe a fourth one. This rushing does make the manga suffer severely. The other half is a continuous barrage of confessions and MC's inner conflicts. The final few chapters with their triple confession within just three chapters is really something to marvel at.

Well, this manga has a lot of things going against it, but there are a few of really good things that make this one worth it. For one, MC's evolution through the manga is really good and ever-present. I was also talking about the central dynamics. Well, Konoe and Kanade's 'master and servant' relationship is well-made and how Kanade always has something plotted out for the protagonist. The ending, all in all, is satisfying, and saying anything else would be spoiling it.

Well, that's about everything about it. It's short, rather lacking, and incredibly average in terms of actual romance. However, when you want it to deliver, it'll deliver, greatly even. It's a good short romance manga with a good ending and an actual one.


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