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Manga Chronicles Part 2: Hadi Girl




Hadi Girl


Hadi Girl tells a story of a shy girl named Kagura Sae, who is visited by the so-called 'Fairy of Love' and if she manages to complete all of her tasks, she can achieve everlasting love with someone. The catch? If she fails just a one of these tasks, she'll never find successful love ever again. The manga is comprised of 30 chapters and a few omakes and it was completed in a span of 2 and a half years. The main genres it belongs to are Seinen and Romance.


This one was so great. You know what 'heartburn' feels like? That stuffy and hot feeling coupled with a dull ache? Well, this manga is the embodiment of that feeling. What do I mean exactly? About one-third of the manga is blushing and that's an understatement, and the whole manga is so fluffy, pink and filled to the brim with ichaicha that I almost got diabetes.




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Anyways, the manga begins like every other romance manga in existence. Boy meets girl, in this case, Kagura meets Honda Ryou, they interact more, romance deepens. But when a second romantic interest for the boy appears in the form of Yoshi Maki, does it get more interesting. The tasks get harder, Sae starts contemplating on is it really right to use Honda for finding everlasting love. Needless to say that some inner conflicts are going on as the tasks progressively get harder and Maki starts showing signs of affection for Honda. It all comes down when Maki confesses to Honda and gets rejected. After one very touching moment, the finale starts. The tasks make for some rather "heavy" moments for sure. Chapter 30 is the perfect ending for this manga, and I'm not going to spoil it because it's as beautiful as it's ever going to be.

The characters are rather one-dimensional par from Honda and Kagura, but that's to be expected from a manga of this length. The events also are a tad bit rushed but again, that's to be expected. However, the character interactions and expression are so goddamn cute and Kagura mentality is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen, and girl MC is a nice change of pace. Both of the main characters are very likeable, although a little 'standard', so to say. The supporting cast does a good job at making the necessary pushes in the storylines, but that's all they really do. There is some side-romance between some of the side characters, but nothing major. It's all very much centered around Kagura and Honda's relationship.




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In the end, this manga is a good, albeit a short one. It has plenty of romantic development, both pleasant and sad feelings and more than satisfying ending. It was a good usage of my time.


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