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Please consider taking this survey (Link) and let me know what you want to see fixed/improved upon across the various Fuwanovel sites. Your feedback will determine my work priorities this Summer/Fall. (Forum Post)

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See? Now that's what I'm talking about. But I suppose if i mention how i would hate it if there were a loli in her place I'd  get targeted by the ULA  :ph34r:


And if you wanna keep this up, i suggest making your own separate thread.

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ULA got eyes on you, Never defile lolis. All can by explained with lolis, the origin of the universe can explained with lolis, screw Big Bang. The constitution of all matter can be explained with lolis, screw atoms and String Theory.

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Lolis indeed are answer to everything~


Anyways... Welcome to fuwanovel! And just like all Steve's posts, even this one will contain LOLIS!


And since you like saber that much, have a Saber loli!

(already posted these in the cutest loli image thread, make sure to check that out)




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