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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (NDS)


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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (NDS)



Los Angeles, 1955: a man has broken into a safe. A mysterious figure then enters the room, aims a gun at him, and fires. The victim collapses, dead. He drops a diamond which he removed from the safe, and a photograph of a man and a young boy lie next to it.
1967: A woman is slouched over a table, apparently dead, in a room in the Hotel Cape West. A man is seen leaving the room.
1980: Kyle Hyde speaks on the phone with Ed Vincent, his boss at Red Crown, who fires him. He travels to the Cape West Apartments, where he lives. Just before he enters the building, he notices a mysterious woman wearing a hat and sunglasses. Soon afterwords, he discovers that the Cape West Apartments are to be demolished at the end of the month, and all the tenants are vacating. As he opens his apartment door, he notices a letter that tells him to find out what secrets the apartment hold, and an object known as the "Scarlet Star."
Thus begins Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. A sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215.
Ending Guideline

There is only one route and one good ending.
The DS is held vertically, like a book. Last Window introduces an 'Ignore' feature which allows player to let go the lines of questioning they don't find useful. Ignoring too many lines of questioning, as well as not ignoring enough, may cause an early game over.
A new story-based feature is the in-game novel Last Window. Every time a chapter of the game is cleared, a new chapter in the Last Window book is made available. The contents of the book complements the game's story, and they can be influenced by the decisions the player makes.

Chapter 1

Walk over and speak to Tony in the lobby.
Question him about the letter.
Once Tony and Betty have left, start to head upstairs.
Your landlady Margaret will appear.
When she says 'that is a shame', enquire about it.
Push her about the reason for selling the building.
She will become angry and stop talking to you.
Talk to her again and Hyde will apologise.
Once Margaret has left, look at the mailboxes.
Choose the bottom left mailbox, then enter the combination:
Turn anti-clockwise to 7
Turn anti-clockwise to 7 again
Turn clockwise to 1

Margaret's letter is the one in the middle of the pile.
Grab the flyer at the top of the screen too.
Go upstairs, and you'll bump into Dylan.
Make your way down the corridor to room 202, and use your key to open the door.
Take the letter from the floor.
Move forward to put your suitcase and jacket down, then Kyle will read the letter.
After the phone rings, press the phone icon at the bottom of the screen to listen to the message.
Walk over to the table and select the letter to read it again.
End of Chapter 1 answers:

She had her own reasons
From a guy I didn't recognise


Chapter 2

Press the alarm clock button.
Move towards the door, and the phone will ring.
Talk to Rachel on the phone, then examine the little table next to the sofa and touch the TV.
Press the power button, then turn the knob in the bottom left of the screen a few times until you get to the election broadcast.
Open your front door and Tony will be outside, waiting for you.
Choose 'Calm down, will you?' to progress the story.
Marie will come out of her room, so go over and talk to her.
Tell her she should look around her room again, and she'll ask you to help her.
Walk over to room 206 and open the door by the handle.
Look at the table area next to the bed, and turn the camera so that you can see the ring shining beneath the table.
Select the ring, then when the view zooms in, select it again.
Walk over and look at the chest of drawers near the door, and pick up the tape-measure that you find inside.
Go back to the ring and use the tap-measure on it.
Grab and extend the tape-measure to a reasonable size, so that it doesn't flop.
Lower the tape-measure onto the ring, then press the button to reel the ring in.
Talk to Marie to give the ring back to her.
Go outside and talk to Tony.
When Tony mentions your past detective training, push him about it.
Choose 'How did you find out about my past?' to find out that Dylan told Tony about it.
Head back to room 202 and use the phone on the table next to your bed.
Leave your room and head up the stairs to the third floor.
Talk to Dylan in the corridor and ask him 'How did my history become public knowledge?', then ask him about the newspaper.
Finally, ask about what Tony wanted to know.
After Frank has appeared, head up to the fourth floor.
Talk to Dylan again, then try opening the fire door.
After the fire alarm starts going off, look at the opposite wall and select the control box.
Flick both switches off at the same time - using two fingers is the best way to do this.

When Dylan and Margaret appear, say 'That's exactly what happened'.
Back in your room, press the power button the TV and turn the knob a few times.
Leave your room and head downstairs.
Talk to Charles in the lobby, and when he says 'Here we go again' push him about it.
Say 'What did you think had happened?' then ask him about the fire.
Walk to the left and Frank will emerge from Lucky's cafe.
After your brief discussion, walk into the cafe.
After talking to Claire and Sidney, walk over to the shifty-looking guy you'll discover his name is Rex.
Push him when he says 'Yeah you got me' and choose 'Something you want to say?'
When he asks about the trouble on the second floor, say 'Well, there was something'.
Talk to Sidney again, then examine the newspaper on the table.
End of Chapter 2 answers:

They had been called by Rex Foster
An incident 13 years ago


Chapter 3

Answer the door and talk to Margaret.
When she asks if you remember their discussion, push her on the point and say 'Of course I remember!'
Open your briefcase on the table and select the wallet.
Open your front door and talk to Tony.
When the phone rings, ignore Tony - do NOT push him about the money deal - instead, press the arrow in the bottom corner.
Answer the phone, then talk to Tony again.
Look at the drawers in the bottom-right corner of the room, and examine the whiskey bottle.
Turn it over and shake it around to get a few cents out.
Now leave the room and head upstairs.
Knock on the door of room 304 to talk to Dylan.
Talk to Dylan, and say 'I need to smash open a bottle'.
When Dylan leaves to get his hammer, look at the open notebook on the desk, then the crystals.
Walk to the left and Kyle will notice a framed picture on the wall.
Examine the picture, and Kyle will accidentally knock the jigsaw to the floor.
Fix the jigsaw, and Dylan will be back with the hammer.
Go back downstairs and enter room 202.
Examine the whiskey bottle again, then use the hammer to smash it open.
Go downstairs and knock on Margaret's front door.
Once in her living room, give her the money for the rent.
Once she's finished talked to you, head to Lucky's Cafe.
After talking to Claire and Sydney, use the crossword in your inventory, and Kyle will examine it
Fill in the following words:
Jukebox, Iced, Lucky, Cafe, Beef
The secret word is Juice.

Talk to Sidney to receive your entry slip.
Walk out into the lobby, and you'll bump into Marie.
Ask her 'Are you in some sort of financial trouble?'
Talk to Rex and ask him who he has come to visit.
Push him quickly before he leaves, then ask 'What business do you have with me?'
Go upstairs to the second floor, and walk along the corridor.
Examine the letter that is on the floor, then knock on the door of room 206.
Give Marie the letter, and ask all the available questions.
Head downstairs to the lobby and talk to Rex - he's over near Lucky's Cafe.
Back in your room, open your door and talk to Dylan.
Go to the corner of the room and use the radio.
Switch it on, then turn the knob clockwise until the red line reaches 100FM.
You'll hear music, and Kyle will comment that he hears voices.
Answer the phone, and talk to Rachel.
Head downstairs and enter Lucky's Cafe.
Examine the Christmas tree, and select the bugging device underneath it.
Talk to Rex in the lobby, and when the option arises, push in and say 'You don't fool me!', then present Rex with the bugging device from the Christmas Tree.
Push him again when he says that Marie has you right where she wants you, and say 'She hasn't done anything to me!'
Ask Rex if Marie is committing insurance fraud, then tell him 'I trust her more than I trust you'.
End of Chapter 3 answers:

A hammer
A bugging device
An insurance claim investigator
She was suspected of insurance fraud


Chapter 4

Head upstairs and you'll meet Margaret.
Talk to her, then Dylan will appear.
When you get the opportunity, push him and say 'Suppose you overheard that too?'
When Kyle stops talking to Dylan, simply talk to him again for more dialogue.
Go upstairs to room 202, and use the phone.
After listening to the answerphone message and talking to Rachel, head out of your room and knock on the door of room 206.
Talk to Marie, and push her when the action is available.
Say 'Look me in the eyes', then when she says 'it's all a lie', push again.
This time, say 'Is Rex making this all up?', then quiz her on the available points.
When she asks if you think she'd commit fraud, say 'Well, no, but...', then continue with 'You have to make me believe'.
After talking to Marie, go back to room 202 and open the Red Crown cardboard box under the table that has your briefcase on it.
Get the penny.
Grab then ruler, then go left and open the wardrobe near the bed.
Select the Pinkie Rabbit piggy bank and use the ruler on it.
To get the pennies out, lift the ruler up, then quickly slam it down and to the right in a diagonal motion - then tilt the ruler to allow the pennies to slide out of the hole.
Combine the penny with the empty envelope.

Head down to the lobby and look at the mailboxes.
Use the envelope with coin on the fourth floor boxes, then peel the brown paper from the right-hand side of the mailbox hole.
Go upstairs to the fourth floor and you'll find Dylan waiting for you.
After talking to him, switch off the alarm at the box on the opposite wall, then examine the wall next to the fire door.
Look at the toolbox, then take the doorstop.
Now look at the firebell above the toolbox.
Pull the cover aside with one finger, and pull the lever down with the other.
Turn the handle on the fire door to enter.
Once inside, turn around and use the doorstop on the door.
Open room 404 by the handle.
Look at the desk and examine the card at the top.
Brush it a few times to remove the dust.
Now go back down to the second floor and walk up to Tony and Frank.
When Tony says he has no idea what Frank is talking about, push him about it and say 'Is there a problem here?'
Once Tony and Frank have left, go down to the basement and into the laundry room.
Look at the table, and turn the view so you can see the tape recorder underneath.
Select it, then head back upstairs to the third floor and knock on room 302.
Walk back along the corridor and your pager will go off.
Go back to room 202 and use the phone.
After talking to Rachel, leave the room and enter Tony's room opposite.
Talk to Frank and push him when appropriate.
Say 'You won't find what you're looking for in here', then follow up with 'It was on the laundry floor'.
Once Frank leaves, look at the letters on the desk.
After talking to Tony, walk towards the stairs and you'll bump into Dylan.
Go downstairs with him and knock on Margaret's door.
Now head to the fourth floor and enter room 404 to find Frank.
Examine the desk and Kyle will notice that a drawer is open.
Move towards the door and Tony will enter the room.
Push him, and say 'You planning on ripping somebody off?'
Push him again, and say 'You're expecting Frank'.
You won't be able to pressure him about anything else, so leave him for now.
Go down to the third floor and knock on room 302.
After talking to Frank, head back to room 404 and talk to Tony again.
When given the chance, tell him 'You're not a worthless human being!', then say 'Extort money from Frank!'
After Tony gives you the tape, head back to your room.
Use Frank's tape on your answerphone machine.
Press the eject button, then choose Side B and insert the tape.
Press play, then quickly press fast forward.
End of Chapter 4 answers:

Peter Rivet
A secret code used in the hotel
Kathy McGrath's murder
Lost items connected to Condor


Chapter 5

Look in the cardboard box under the table, and check out a few of the items in the box.
Move away from the box, and the phone will ring.
Answer the phone, then head out into the corridor.
Knock on room 201 and say to Tony 'Wanna buy something off me?', then 'Come on, would I do that?'
He will initially get angry, but then allow you the opportunity to push him about something he wants to buy.
Push him, then say 'Guess a guitar's pretty valuable'.
Give Tony the Wax from your inventory.
Go down to the lobby and you'll bump into Betty.
Push her when she says everything is not alright, and say 'What're you up to?'
Head to Lucky's Cafe, and after talking to Sidney, have a chat with Claire about Marie.
Push Claire on the topic, and say 'Is Marie feeling bad about her worries?'
Go upstairs and knock on room 206.
Push Marie about her safety, and say 'Let's do something about it'.
Give Marie the Security Lock from your inventory.
Go back to your room and use the phone to call Ed.
Go downstairs to Lucky's Cafe, and eventually Sidney will appear.
After you come back from town, you'll meet Will.
Once you've chatted, head up to the fourth floor and go through the fire door.
Enter room 405 and talk to Dylan.
When he talks about a culprit, push him about it and say 'The culprit of what?'
When Dylan leaves, pick up the doorknob from the floor near the stool.
Look at the light switch on the wall and flick it on and off quickly.
Dylan will come to your rescue.
Leave the fourth floor and your pager will bleep.
Go down to the second floor and talk to Tony.
When he says 'Hehe', push him and ask 'What's with all the smiles?'
Go to your room and take the note from the door.
Go into your room and use the phone.
Once you've listened to the message and talked to Ed, go out of your room and talk to Frank.
Give him the tape, then say 'I found it'.
Examine the Funeral Photo in your inventory and touch the lady in the middle - it's Marie.
Look in the top left of the photo and you'll spot Rex.
Leave your room and after talking to Betty, head to Lucky's Cafe.
Look under table B to find the reward letter.
Talk to Claire, then head to the third floor.
Knock on room 305 and ask Charles about the letter.
He will tell you Dylan sat at table B first.
Go to room 304, talk to Will, then Dylan will appear.
When Dylan retreats to his room, knock on the door.
Eventually he'll let you into his room.
When you get the chance, push him about the letter, then say 'What are you trying to hide?'
This time, do NOT push him, and instead press the arrow in the corner.
Say 'Did you think it'd be bad for you if she knew?'
End of Chapter 5 answers:

Sell items to two tenants
Rex Foster
An old newspaper extract


Chapter 6

Turn the TV off and leave the room.
Go downstairs and towards Lucky's Cafe - you'll meet Margaret.
Say 'Has there been any trouble before?'
Try the door to the cafe, then look at the vending machine.
Read the note on the machine, then use your quarters on the machine.
Put the coin in and press the red button on the right.
Walk away from the machine and your pager will go off.
Head back to your room and after talking to Tony, use your phone.
Switch on the radio, and turn the knob to 92/93 FM.
After listening to Tony's song, head down to the cafe again.
Look at the sign on the wall to learn that you've won the competition.
Give your Entry Slip to Sidney to collect the cheque.
After talking to Claire, talk to Sidney again, but do NOT push him when available.
Go to the kitchen and talk to Claire.
Try opening the maple butter
and Kyle will fail.
Back out, then go over to the big shelves in the back left of the room.
On the bottom shelf, there is a jar on the right that has rubber bands in it - take a rubber band.
Combine the rubber band with the maple butter, then take the lid off the maple butter.

Leave the kitchen and your pager will go off, but talk to Sidney first about your winning bottle top and you'll receive a fun (but pointless) mini-game.
Head to your room and you'll meet Marie.
Push her when she sighs, and say 'When did you two get so close?'
Knock on room 203 and talk to Betty, then head to your room and use the phone.
Answer your door and talk to Betty again.
Take the ring from her, then go upstairs and knock on room 304.
Say to Dylan 'I want to check out a crystal' then 'Well, it is Christmas soon!'

Look at the crystals on the table, then use the magnifying glass on the book.
When Dylan takes his phone call, use the ring on the magnifying glass.
Drag slowly from the bottom left to the top right off the screen until the ring comes into complete focus.
Remove the diamond to find the Condor symbol, then talk to Dylan about it.

Go to the fourth floor and open the fire door (you don't need to flip the switches).
Attempt to open room 406, then Dylan will appear to unlock it for you.
Look at the dresser and pick up the photo album, then turn the camera so you can see the picture of Cape West Hotel on the right wall.
Select the Condor symbol just behind the photo frame, then select the frame itself.
Pull the frame off the wall to reveal the full Condor symbol.
Leave the room and go down to room 203.
Talk to Betty, then get the key to room 205 from Charles.
Open room 205 with the spare key.
Look in the closet and select the typewriter.
Look in the drawers on the right of the room and take the paper, then use the paper on the typewriter.
Press the CAPS key, then press a few other keys, and finally press the T key.
Leave the room and knock on room 203.
Talk to Betty, and push her when appropriate.
Say 'Did you borrow it for Rex?', but when you get the chance to push again, do NOT push
Follow up with 'Was it about Marie?'
Next, say 'Was it the tenants?'
End of Chapter 6 answers:

About the Hotel Cape West emblem
He was disgraced by Hugh Speck
A ring
A condor
The letter "T" was slightly skewed


Chapter 7

Answer your door and talk to Mila.
Go into your notepad and draw a picture of Mila - you can draw anything really.
Leave your room and give the spare key back to Charles.
Go to the elevator and press the call button.
Enter the lift, and press the R (roof) button.
Walk left to find Mila on the roof.
Follow her to the right-hand side of the roof, then get into the lift.
Press the button for the first floor - then the lift will jam.
Press the 'open doors' button, then tap on the door of the lift until Dylan hears you.
After Mila leaves, head towards the stairs and Tony will appear.
Talk to him, and say 'Sure, hand it over'.
Knock on Margaret's door, and go inside to talk to her.
Give her the parcel, then say 'Sure, no problem'.
Open the parcel, then push Margaret about it.
Say 'What's got you so scared?'
After Kyle stops talking to her, simply talk to her again for more questions.
Go back to your room and use the phone.
Answer the door, and take the package.
Open the package and look at each item in the box.
Answer the door again, and talk to Tony.
Head to Lucky's Cafe and push Sidney when available.
Say 'What's so funny?' then choose any song on the jukebox.
Walk away from the jukebox and Tony will turn up.
Say to him 'Would $1000 be enough?'
Go into the billards room, and say 'Yeah, prepare to lose!'
To play the game, simply drag the cue down, then up fast.
Beat Tony, Sidney and Claire to progress.
Go into the cafe, and say to Will 'You want to drink with me?'
Talk to Tony, push him, and say 'Don't mess this one up!'
After you've eaten, talk to Sidney and take the record.
Go to your room and use the record on your record player.
Press the power button, then lift the arm and place it on the record.
End of Chapter 7 answers:

The lighthouse
A bomb
A card, a baseball and a key


Chapter 8

Move towards the door, and the phone will ring.
Talk to Jeanie, then answer the door and talk to Tony.
Take the notebook, then go in your inventory and examine the notebook.
Answer the phone again, then head down to Lucky's Cafe.
Give Sidney the record back, then go into the billards room and talk to Claire.
Push her when available, and say 'Are you still worried about your dad?'
After speaking to Claire, go and talk to Sidney about the debt.
When he mentions Margaret's trial, push him about it.
Say 'So you can't tell me, huh?'
After talking to Sidney, leave the cafe and knock on Margaret's door.
Say 'I'd like to hear about your husband', then follow up with 'I looked it up'.
Push her when she laughs, and say 'Will you tell me what I want to know?'
When Margaret goes to answer the phone, look at all the photos on the table and the wall.
Talk to Margaret again, and say 'You're the one on the right'.
Outside, say to Dylan 'We talked about leaving this place'.
Go back to your room and call Rachel on the phone.
After talking to her, look at the photo album in your inventory.
Skip to the second page, and look at the top photo - it's Margaret.
Leave the room and walk down to corridor - you'll bump into Charles.
Push him when available, and say 'Were you up to no good?'
Try to leave the room, then talk to Charles again.
Go into room 305 and talk to Charles, then go to your room.
Look in the kitchen, and take the red wrapping from underneath the wine bottle.
Go back to room 305 and give the red wrapping to Charles.
Go into the bathroom and put the red wrapping over the light above the toilet.
Look at the film on the bench, then place the film into the liquid.
Wait until the picture has fully formed, then pull it up and out of the liquid.
Go in your inventory, and compare the 8mm film with the photo of Will.
Scroll down the film until you find the picture has has a watch in it.
Touch the watch, and Kyle will make the comparison.

Leave Charles, and knock on room 306.
Charles will come from room 305.
After catching Dylan, talk to Charles again.
In room 306, look at the newspaper on the table.
Look at the briefcase, then when you hear the knocking, do NOT move at all.
When it's OK to move again, go and listen to the answer machine messages.
Examine the open wardrobe, and look at the grey jacket.
Take the key from the jacket and use it on the briefcase.
Look at the camera, book and paper.
Examine the mirror near the bathroom door.
Turn the hot tap on and the code will appear on the mirror.
Write down the code (102906) and then open the other wardrobe.
Enter the code into the safety deposit box.
Take the passport, then stand still after the knocking again.
Now go back to the briefcase and look at the camera gain.
Turn the camera around, then input the following date: 28 Nov 42
Pull the handle on the camera twice, and it will open.
After Will appears and starts talking to you, push him and say 'Nice try. I'm onto you!'
Push him again, and say 'You faked your name!'
Follow up with 'In your safety deposit box!', then 'Will McGrath!'
Show him the passport.
Now say 'Because you're the victim's son', then show him the torn postcard.
Push Will, and say 'You're looking for the culprit!'
Push him again, and say 'So the order sheet was your doing!'
When the time is right, say 'Mrs Patrice?', then show him the Letter Set.
Guess 'Michael McGrath?'
After talking to Will, leave the room.
End of Chapter 8 answers:

A reporter
That he was using a false name
He wanted to avenge his mother's death


Chapter 9

Try to use the phone, and Dylan will knock on your door.
Talk to him in the corridor, and push him when available.
Say 'You're worried about what was said, aren't you?'
After talking to Dylan and Margaret, go back into your room and answer the phone.
Turn on the TV and switch to the news channel.
Leave your room and you'll bump into Tony in the corridor.
Push him, and say 'Did you see somebody?'
Knock on room 206 and ask Marie 'How did your insurance claim go?'
When she runs off, head down to the bottom floor and call the elevator - go to the roof.
Talk to Marie, then go back down to the second floor.
Enter room 206,
and look in the closet.
Examine the shoe boxes, then select the jacket.
Look at the closet again, and turn the angle so you can just see the box on top - select the box.
Use the nearby stool and Kyle will pick it up.
Use the stool with the closet, then you'll be able to reach the box.
Select the hat and glasses, and then the letter.

Take the elevator back up to the roof and talk to Marie in the bottom left corner.
Show her the hat and glasses, then show her the threatening letter and say 'Instructions for you to follow'.
Show her the ring, and say 'Why would you sell something so valuable?'
When Marie moves towards the edge, wait until she faces away from you, then close your Nintendo DS, and open it again.
You will have grabbed her and stopped her falling.
Do NOT close the Nintendo DS when she is partially facing you - wait until she is fully facing away.
When she talks to you, push her and say 'Who do you mean by "those people"?'
When Rex appears, push him and say 'Are you talking about Jack Green?', then follow up with 'Nile'.
Once Rex leaves, talk to Marie, then head to your room.
Say to Dylan 'Rex won't be coming round her anymore', then follow up with 'No he didn't'.
Use your phone to talk to Ed, then leave the room.
Talk to Frank, and say 'I know your name came up in internal investigation'.
Push Frank, and say 'Why so surprised?'
When Frank leaves, try to leave the room and the phone will ring.
After talking to Marie, leave your room and talk to Dylan.
Knock on room 206 and talk to Marie, then go to room 304 and talk to Dylan again.
Show him the threatening letter, then push him and say 'Keeping tabs on Marie!'
Push again, and say 'You've never been to her old house!'
Tell him 'Nile!', then follow up with 'Her brother and husband working for Condor'.
Go back to room 206 and talk to Marie.
Now go downstairs and knock on Margaret's door.
When she doesn't open the door, go back upstairs and talk to Frank.
Say to him 'Hugh Speck?'
When Frank leaves, try to go downstairs and he'll appear again.
Now head downstairs and go into Margaret's room.
Go into the bedroom, and look under the desk.
Look at the piece of paper on the floor.
Look in the closet, and select the white cloth at the back to find the music box.
Select the music box and you'll see a key stuck in a cylinder.

*This part is incredibly difficult, so make sure you follow these instructions perfectly*
Firstly, hold down the R button (or L button if you're left-handed) and wait until the gap in the barrel is facing you, so you can see the key fully - then close your Nintendo DS so that it is nearly fully closed.
If you close it far enough, you'll hear a click - this indicates that the barrel has stopped turning.
Now, with the R button still held down, reach your stylus into your Nintendo DS and flick the top of the key to take it out of the barrel.
This will probably take a few tries - make sure that you definitely hear the click noise, and that you're holding down the R button the whole time.

Now make sure you look at everything in Mag's bedroom, including the drawers next to her bed
Head for the door, and Kyle will note that there's nothing else to find.
Go to Lucky's cafe and talk to Frank.
Talk to Tony, then head to the fourth floor and talk to him again.
Go downstairs to room 304.
Look in the drawers next to the bed and grab the keys.
Go back to the fourth floor and through the fire door.
Use the keys on room 406 and try opening the safe.
End of Chapter 9 answers:

Her brother and husband working for Condor
To watch Mags and find clues about the Scarlet Star
Michael McGrath
A key with a Condor mark


Chapter 10

Walk into the table with the vase on it a few times to knock it off.
Pick up a chair from the bottom corner of the room, then use it on the door.
Slam it against the door as hard as you can a few times.
Leave the room and touch Tony to make him wake up.
Go back to room 406 and use the crowbar on the safe.
Wait until Tony says 'Three!' then pull the crowbar to the left.
Look at the box in the safe, then look at the door on the floor.
Look at the corner of the door and Kyle will pull the back off the door, revealing a book.
Grab the book, then head back to your room and use the phone.
Go downstairs and knock on Margaret's door.
Now go an knock on room 302 and talk to Frank.
Say 'Michael McGrath's son', then push him and say 'Did you help him get in?'
Push again and say 'Told Condor about your plan'.
Now, do NOT just ask any old question or you'll get a game over
Ask this particular questions in this order:
What was your plan 25 years ago?
What went wrong?
What kind of agreement did you have?
What was it that happened to you?

After you leave the room, go to your room and grab the key from the box on the table, then go back to room 302 and show the key to Frank.
Combine the two postcard pieces, then go to Margaret's room and talk to her.
Push her and say 'Is it because your husband was Condor's ringleader?'
Push again and say 'George Patrice!', then followup with 'To find people to buy the jewellery'.
Next, say 'Michael wanted out of the stolen goods trade?'
When Kyle compares the photos, draw a circle around the circle window on the right.
Get in the elevator and use the key on the fourth floor lock.

Flip the switch in the fourth floor button, then input the following code:
3, 1, R, open door, 2, close door

Look at the bench in the elevator, and use the Condor key in the slot.
In the secret room, look at the ledger on the table.
look in the table drawer, and select the envelope.
Look at the picture of a boat on the wall, and press the switch underneath it.
Now go to the opposite picture of the cards, and select the Condor symbol - it's looking at the diamond ace.
Leave the room, and on the roof look at the wall that the Condor symbol is now shining at.
Smash the brick to find the Scarlet Star.
After talking to everyone, leave by the front door of the hotel.
Congratulations, you've completed Last Window!

The summary was taken from wikipedia. The walkthrough was made by Mike Rose and only edited by me.
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