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Eroge Games For Women With Character Creators


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Hello! I just joined today and so I wanted to ask my first question here, which is if anyone knows any eroge games like Custom Maid 3D series or Artificial Academy or even Custom Ai-Droid, etc. but targeted towards a basically female audience?

I have been searching for years and there are none of any in existence and it's heartbreaking to see, so many anime games that focus on female character creation only, hell even otome games focus on customizing the female player which is complete bull pucky, why bother making a game targeted for women if you're not going to make it right?

Seems to be a common thing where people "attempt" to target the female audience only to make a poor quality game we don't like and then shrug and say "Well I guess woman just don't like these kinds of games", facepalm worthy moment and it's astonishing how often it happens...
and by make the games poorly I don't just mean the guys all have options ranging from Ugly to Okay appearances and options, or the art style is fugly, or both, not to mention the woman player is a bottom like come on, if I wanted to have that I would have just booted up one of the thousands of 3D Custom Eroge's I've played again.

So yeah, if anyone knows of any games like these eroge ones but for women I would be very much appreciative to hear about it. :vinty:

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It is not directly comparable, but you might want to consider Emotion Creators.

It is still focused towards creating female models, but the male models also have some customization possible. Emotion Creators is not so much a game as much as it is a game engine. You can define the characters in a scene and the scenes themselves to create a Visual Novel like experience but also including 3D interactive R18 scenes. That would let you create the scenes yourself after the initial learning curve.

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I have seen that game and it did interest me, my only problem is I have no clue where to legally buy and download (with english translations) the game engine.

I'm an honest person and do my best to buy engines or games legally, so if you know where I can find a good safe site for that I would be very appreciative.

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Illusion does not really sell their games outside of Japan, and they went out of business I think? DMM might have it at dmm.co.jp but their website requires signing up so I cannot provide a direct link to the product page.

Once you have finished buying it somewhere, somehow, I found this interesting project to translate it. The project has a youtube video showing how to buy it from dmm and patch it.

ScrewThisNoise as a repack of it as well. The repack works fine as-is.

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Yes I'm very familiar with Illusion and their games, I made the yaoi mod for Artificial Academy 2 after all 😆

And I heard of the unfortunate news that it shut down, possibly due to not listening to their audience.

But I'll take a look at DMM and see what I can find, thank you for also providing the link to the English patch as well.

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