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Sweet Pool Missing Text/Gameplay Skip (SOLVED)

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Are you running your computer with Japan system locale?: Yes.
Game Name: Sweet Pool.
Description of Problem: When I start the game, the gameplay seems to be stuck in a sort of 'skip' mode. This isn't made truly apparent until characters appear and the text does not. Sound works fine, images load, screen effects seem to work, but the text box only briefly hovers over the screen before quickly disappearing without any show of text. I have attempted to turn 'Auto-Skip' options on and off, but this does not seem to affect anything.
Your Operating System: 32 bit.
What did you already try?: Downloading multiple times from multiple sources, extracting and re-extracing the file, placing the file in different locations/folders, switching system locale multiple times, restarting and rebooting computer multiple times, running as admin, unchecking 'Read-Only' option and selecting and unselecting multiple options in the 'Config' menu of the game.
Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yes; the current download I have is from Fuwanovel.

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Hmmm... been running some tests on it, but it runs without problems for me. Also checked the config options but there is no way to deactivate the auto-skip function (Ctrl). So, here are two wild guesses since I don't really have idea what's wrong and you already seem to have passed all the routine checks. Try to run it on another computer, must be yours what is giving the problem. And second, even wilder guess, your "Ctrl" key is stuck (yes I know, how would you not notice something like that). In skip mode with the "Ctrl" key pressed you can't stop the skip with a click but if you press "Enter" it will stop skipping. Those are all the ideas I have, so good luck and hope someone else can help you with it.

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