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Any Good Pen tablets for making a visual novel?


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 I'm  thinking about making a short visual novel and I feel like having a proper drawing tablet will help me accomplish my goals.
Because the thing that sucks about paper is it can be difficult to correct mistakes and that I can't colour anything in. Digital drawing offers waaay more versatility that I need for writing my graphic novel.
so i was wondering if i should just rather buy that one, i have read some article about this: https://pctechtest.com/beginner-guide-to-start-digital-art , but not really sure about that which one is better? any advices?

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Personally, I think any drawing tablet is good enough. Especially in the beginning stage, grab a cheap one (I think my first one was around 30-40€ but maybe prices have changed now) and take the time to get used to it. Remember that digital art seems easier than traditional art, but you still need lots of practice.
You may feel like the ones with a built-in screen are better (and I'm sure they are, I'm just too poor to afford one lol) but they aren't really necessary to produce good work. But if money isn't an issue then go for it, it depends on your budget.

I've had an Intuos Draw since 2017 and it's still going great! Despite being so old that it's not even sold anymore.

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Dont know why is it a metter of choise. Any is good like Tenshi said. I personaly using Parblo A610 Plus about an 8-t years and pretty happy with it)
 If you need more info then in my oppinion The Price is mostly can tell everything about ur tablt. Dont buy to chip, it will mostly disepoint you, and such things like Wapcom - dont much of a quality assurence as for me...

And if you didn't draw on tablet yet... well you will need a 1-3 month to get used to it. For me it was quate hard. and I quate often retuning to paper as it is more mature after u draw on it hal of your life)) But yes. tablet realy gives some more freedon and tasty things)

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