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[1st ep free in Steam] Little Green Girl [romcom][drama]


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Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to the release of the 1st episode of our visual novel!
It is absolutely free and is a demo version of the game.
A full walkthrough of all the options in episode 1st will take 12-15 hours to complete.
The novel already has more than 150 CG, lots of sprites and backgrounds, more than a hundred music tracks!


The life of the protagonist, Roma Belov, is turned upside down when he meets a mysterious girl who turns out to be a real alien!
The game features three unique stories:
- Yana's story will tell you about a secret collaboration between Earth and an alien civilisation.
And, of course, that all alien species are submissive to love.
- Stasya's story is filled with the spirit of adventure and adventurism. You will be able to build a relationship with the beautiful young athlete!
Or maybe cooperate with a secret alien control organization?
- Kristina's story will tell you about the background behind the charming class monitor' emerald eyes.

Terian - author of the top-1 mod to Everlasting Summer of all time, "Buns, Kefir and Rock and Roll" (unfortunately, there is no english translation), mod has over 100,000 subscribers and over 5,000 comments.

Novel artists:
The character artwork is the responsibility of Orika Nekoi, who has worked on several projects, such as Moe Era, Wet Steps, Herbalist.
The backgrounds were drawn by several people, the famous one being Shumoi (Moe Era)

Original soundtrack:
Pazetic Ocean (Moe Era, Milk Inside Bag...2) and Leety


Feedback from players will help us make our game better and motivate the developers to finish the game faster. Moreover, we want to create a warm fan community for our game, which will grow with each episode.
Each episode is purchased separately (the first episode is free). When the game is released in its entirety, those interested will be able to purchase all episodes together as a bandle.

By the end of development, we plan to release a game containing:
- 3 routes of 28 days each;
- Additional endings;
- Over 80 hours of reading;
- Various bonus materials.

We are grateful to everyone who supports us by purchasing the game during the development phase. Thanks to players purchasing episodes as new context is released, we are able to continue development at a quicker time.


Stay tuned to the official blogs for more news:
Telegram | VK | Boosty

Please enjoy the game and leave your comments in Steam!
Also add the game to your lists on VNDB.

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