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[FOR HIRE] Sprite artist and character/UI designer


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I'm Chiara, a digital artist from Italy who specializes in drawing human figures using a style that goes from anime to semi-realistic. I particularly love drawing female characters!

I've done commissions for a few years but I'd also love to work on a video game, possibly a visual novel since that's what better fits my style. I can create character designs, portraits, UI designs or visual novel sprites. I'm open to game logo requests too, although it needs to be discussed; same goes for NSFW content.
I'm currently practicing drawing backgrounds so, although I may be able to do something simple, that's not really my strong suit and I won't be able to help as a background artist.

Here are my prices with some examples:

If you want to see more of my work, feel free to visit my portfolio: UI portoflio | Sprites/CGs portfolio

But if aren't interested in a commission at the moment, I also have some game assets ready to use:

  • Female character sprites [free]
  • Cute! UI asset pack [$5]

In any case, you can contact me at:

  • discord: tenshiyoru

Or send me a commission request by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/jpW7fM2XkW5VpE348

Thanks for your time!

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