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I need some general programming help (and a programming mentor/partner, ideally)

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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

A bit of background: I am currently working on a project that would make Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy be accessible to fan-translators, and allow it to be fan translated. However, I am sort of inexperienced at programming. Not as in programming language based inexperience, but "theories" of programming, as in, "how to better structure your code", "how to debug effectively", and common things to avoid, for example not including the decryption key on the code itself, rather, make your code look for it on a particular file offset", etc.

I would also like to meet someone well-versed in programming (as well as reverse engineering, preferably) so he or she can aid me whenever I run across roadblocks or have some difficulties. If you could be one of them, please feel free to leave a comment, preferably with your Discord tag as well, that would really be appreciated!

Thank you.

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