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Gokuin no Sentou Game crash on startup


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Hi! I'm hoping to find some help or solutions for my problem

Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? : Yes (Using Locale Emulator)

Game NameGokuin no Sentou or 獄淫の尖塔   Game link: https://vndb.org/v7022
Description of Problem: After mounting the game iso then running setup.exe and using the default file installation location in the setup install wizard, when I go to the game's folder and run gokuin.exe the game's window appears in white for a moment before crashing. A .crash.dmp file is created after
Your Operating System: 64 bit Windows 10
What did you already try? tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running with and without locale emulator and with and  without admin privilleges, installing at different file locations, applying the 1.01 patch on the game's japanese website  and finally downloading the game from different sources

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Here is the analysis of the dmp file according to WinDbg following this method:


As an aside, looking at the vn's website it doesnt seem to have windows 10 listed on the suggested devices so that may be a reason. If that's the true reason why it won't run I think I'll just drop the vn instead of having to use a virtual machine to play it.

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