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Recruitment drive for GFLTWY Visual Novel's staff. Unpaid work

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I am Fuez. I help to spread the love for this game. This fan-made visual novel is based on the Girls' Frontline mobile game's universe and characters. Originally, this game was made as meme for the Girl's Frontline's community contest. The team somehow took a 180 turn from creating what was supposed to be a meme, to creating a proper visual novel out of passion. And this game is designed for all-ages. Be advised that this visual novel is not made for commercial purposes. Still, we are planning to open up donations.  The team is recruiting writer, editor, art helper, lead artist/spare artist, background artist and translator. The team has a hope, or rather a dream.  That by expanding this visual novel's audience, the one who is called "Kojima of Mainland", the founder of Girl's Frontline mobile game, will be made aware of this fan-made visual novel. 


The following are the information in regards to the visual novel in development:

Game Title: Girls' Frontline - Tomorrow, With You

Synopsis: It's 207X and WW3 never happened. Your name is Shiki Kan, a young high school boy who's been recruited to join an academy made for all the androids that were no longer needed for the war.  There's one thing though... it's an all-girls school.. and they're pretty cute...

Story Concept: In contrast to the original mobile game's dark and serious nature, this visual novel aims to provide a light-hearted story with a few serious undertones.

Characters: M4A1, Sopmod, STAR-15, M16, RO635, UMP45, UMP9, 416, G11, Welrod and Kalina. (11 heroines. Yes, most of their names are based on guns)

Progress: Have been in development since around Feb/March 2020. The 2nd demo is currently in development. (TBA)


  • Lead/Spare Artist (Manages the graphic artists)
  • Background Artist (Draws background CG)
  • Art helper (Assists graphic/music artists with ideas, or resources fetching)
  • Translator (Actively searching for English to Chinese/Spanish/Korean translators. Other languages are also welcomed. However, we already have German and Polish translators.)

To apply for the position, please join the discord server and apply from there (discord link is below). We highly appreciate your contribution to this project.

Discord Invite

Twitter Account

Waifu Trash Family Website

GFL Tomorrow With You VNDB

Bonus. The flow that led to the development of this visual novel....


Once upon a time, in a far away land called Mainroom, during a period called Maintenance Mainroom Degen Hours ™️
A member of the people uttered an idea.
"Hey, my fellow commanders! What do you think of a collaboration project with Clannad? How do you think the girls would fit into Girls' Frontline mechanics?"
His peers looked at each other in confusion, but started contributing ideas.
At some the point, the conversation shifted: "How would Girls' Frontline fit in a highschool setting?"
And so mainroom started throwing ideas around. Teachers, students, delinquents, every character was assigned a typical slice of life anime role.
After an hour of deliberations, one of them expressed himself in those terms:
"Hey, why not make a Visual Novel out of this!?"
The majority laughed at the idea... But one of his peers' interest was piqued. He agreed vehemently and they started to work on it.
After having thought for a bit, they realized they would need more hands and brains. So they went back to mainroom to recruit...
And that, my friends, is how it all started...


Edited by Fuez
Music artist, editor, writer, coder full.

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