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Semi-specific Open Request

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First I want to say although I DID read the sticky, if a mod believes this post to be not suitable, I apologize and have no issue with it being removed. I understand that it might not be in-line with the rules, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Okay, with bases covered, as someone who somewhat recently went over that "hump" in Japanese reading comprehension to the point where most VN Kanji are no longer an issue; I've been absorbing VN's at a remarkable pace (I was reading them to help learn though, so I've been around for a while).

What I want to ask for is a bit ambiguous, but I'll try my best to explain. I don't want your "favorite" VNs necessarily, or even something you think I might like. What I'm looking for is VNs that *you* personally believe are unique, interesting, or offer something that others maybe don't, or don't do as well. For example, A Eushally game would be right up this alley as it has it's own RPG mechanics, etc. etc. Another example would maybe be an Asapro VN, because you believe they do comedy like no one else does.

What I want, in a broad sense, is games you've played that struck you as uniquely good in some manner. It doesn't have to be the BEST VN, or have a crazy storyline/mechanics or anything. Even if it's a generic HS setting, but you think the Slice-of-life dialogue in it is better than anything else, that's what I'm looking for.

That said, I'll throw out a few things I'm specifically NOT looking for:

- High sexual content/Nukige with the exception that it's only down a route and not during the main plot.
- Otome/BL 
- Horror is fine, but nothing super gruesome/gross
- Single Route/No options
- Short games  (2-10 hours)

- A game made in the US (lol)/has english translation/original language is anything other than Japanese

Additionally, a soft request would be nothing at a super low resolution. I'd prefer an HD 16:9 aspect ratio, but even if it's 50x50 I'll try it if you sincerely believe it's amazing. I know that this would cut off a ton of games, so it's not a must. I've been spoiled by more recent releases lately.

Here's a list of VNs/general info on VNs that I've already read:

- Most Asapro novels 
- Some Yuzusoft novels
- A lot of Key novels
- Several Eushally games
- Basically anything that has received an english translation
- Random one-off's from random companies

There's more but I don't want to list them out individually, I haven't read THAT many, there's a low chance I have if it's not under one of those categories. 

Final note - I'm asking you as an individual, not the Fuwa community as a hivemind. List novels YOU think fulfill this request- rather than ones you think are generally in line with it. E.g. I don't want you to say "Clannad," only because you think most people would agree. Gimme your weird, personal opinion ones.

Thanks in advance! <3

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