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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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Taimanin Yukikaze

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Dark existences were secretly invading Tokyo, the diabolic city.
Behind the success of ninjas of justice called Taimanin, the darkness starts the action... 

While the deadly battles continue between the evils and evil busters, Yukikaze, a young taimanin, applied for a dangerous mission to save her mother, Shiranui. Asagi, the leader of taimanin, stood opposed to the high-risk rescue plan, but Yukikaze had a strong will and she was assigned for the job along with Rinko.
The two women were still virgins, and wished to give it to Tatsurou, the protagonist. However, they had to depart before their wish was fulfilled...

Yukikaze and Rinko infiltrated into the evil city as enslaved candidates for the brothel. There they learned a contract to become a whore comes with a cruel contract with a devil: a seal on their tongue to restrict any rebellious actions! Their body would explode once they make a disobedient move.

There's only one way to stay alive: become a submissive enslaved prostitute! Yukikaze and Rinko had to earn money by working as a whore and get past a terrible lethal contract. In order to save Shiranui, there was no other way than to become successful ladies of pleasure and make a lot of money. Thus their humiliating sexual training started under the threat of death...

Their life as apprentice whores begins as their virginity is taken away miserably. Yukikaze and Rinko supposed their mission would be cancelled once their colleagues learn about the critical situation they are in, and gave a fake report that claims their occupation as hostesses in a bar. That was also to keep it secret to the beloved Tatsurou; however, this drove them to further extremity! 

Is there any hope left to these new taimanins in peril!?

Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order

 The game has 4 different endings, spread out across 2 heroines (Yukikaze and Rinko), to unlock the good ending you need to beat the first Three endings and select all choices. There's no recommended route order, but, for a better enjoyment it's best to leave the "Double Degraded" end after you beat the first two and the good ending for last. Save before making any choice! Read the notes left inside the spoiler boxes! Do Scenario Recovery before the good ending!

Route Guideline


Mizuki Yukikaze
Mizuki Yukikaze (Degraded Ending)


Start the prologue
1)My Ninpou is Wind Arts!
2)I shouldn’t run my mouth.*
4)Greet them.
5)Go back to the hotel.*

NOTE 1: Save here for a shortcut for the final route.
NOTE 2: Save here for a shortcut for the next route.
NOTE 3: Save here for a shortcut for the third route.


Akiyama Rinko
Akiyama Rinko (Degraded Ending)


Load a save file (Choice 2).
Start the prologue
1)My Ninpou is Wind Arts!
3)Watch Rinko.
4)Visit the town.


Mizuki YukikazeAkiyama Rinko
Yukikaze & Rinko (Double Degraded Ending)


Load a save file (Choice 5).
Start the prologue
1)My Ninpou is Wind Arts!
2)I shouldn’t run my mouth.
4)Greet them.
5)Visit the town.


~Good Ending~

You must have finished the previous endings and Scenario Recovery for the good ending.


Load a save file (Choice 2).
Start the prologue
1)My Ninpou is Wind Arts!
2)That mission must be aborted!

NOTE: After finishing all of these endings don’t forget to unlock the leftover CGs and scenes in the training diary.


Scenario Recovery


Load a save file (Choice 1).
Start the prologue
1)Choose the opposite choice to "My Ninpou is Wind Arts!".



 This walkthrough is based on info attained on Otaku Lair with some adjustments made by me.

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