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3DS FrankenFirm (11.0.0-4U)

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So, I recently traded my PS3 for a 2DS that had this issue of being stuck on a FrankenFirm 11.0.0-4U, which is just 11.0 without a browser. :amane:

This means that I can't access any backdoors for Homebrew Launcher, and that is a problem. That means I can't install FBI and I can't install CIA files to enhance my 2DS experience.

I've commented on a similar post on GBAtemp, but the only conclusion we can come to is to use ninjhax.

My point against this though is that since the browser is non-existent and I can't update my firmware version because of the 'stub' or 'dummy' file for the internet browser, I worry that trading off my second Pokémon Moon copy would be a waste.


Maybe the FuwaCommunity can help me? I know that it's mostly focuses on VNs here, but I know we got some tech experts around here lurking.

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