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  1. Well, I guess I didn't. My browser was showing that I quoted the OP. Time to look through the script and see if there is any errors or conflicts when on here.
  2. Yeah. If you ask a Mod nicely, you might be able to recover your old account. Kaguya tried to help me recover my 2013 account, but we came to the conclusion that it got deleted when Fuwa did frequent rollbacks.
  3. Hello~! I made a Discord about a month ago and I noticed that the targeted demographic wasn't attracting very many people. So, I reformed the Discord channel to be more open and free, not as directionally focused on 3DS as before. I've added a Kouhai-chan (beta). She can help you out, but please bear in mind that this is the first time I've set up a Discord bot and I am still working out her bugs. Here is a link that doesn't expire: https://discord.gg/D9ZCv6m I've also added a role that is exclusive to those that join from these FuwaForums. (Yes, I know it's arbitrary, but IDC
  4. Also, a good manga to start with to learn Kanji, being that it has text hookers (at least the version I read) is To LOVEる. I find that the Kanji are easy to grip because of the text hookers and they story is more or less the accumulation of a harem, so easy stuff. I'm sure that Nosebleed would have a more diverse library of manga with text hookers.
  5. You can come by my Discord, Okarin. I'm still working out the kinks and knots, and it's off to a kinda slow start, but you can come by anyways. Here is a perma-link: https://discord.gg/D9ZCv6m Might even be able to get you a Moderator spot. I added you as well.
  6. Hmm.... I'd have to say KuraFuta is a good untranslated VN to start with. It is an eroge, but it isn't overwhelmingly so.
  7. Yeah. It is similar to that. JLPT N5 is the easiest and N1 is the most difficult. I'd also recommend Rikaisama if you use Firefox. It helps me out when I want to expand my Japanese.
  8. I'm just looking for people to add to my Friends List on my 2DS. I have a lot of multiplayer games and I don't want to be bored playing alone. We all know how that is. Some of us at least. Well, anyways, I made this thread to get some FuwaCommunity members together on games like Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Explorers, Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes, etc., and etc. Friend Code: 1135-2003-1963 Nintendo ID: Kaworu Just let me know when you want to play!
  9. You are free to check my VNDB profile for a list of what I've read. I'm still flushing it out from my physically written list, so there might be some big ones missing.
  10. Okay, well, playing some untranslated VNs might help, so I'll list those too. If I were to recommend something like DC3 it'd be: Grisaia no Kajitsu (Must play for anyone.) Osananajimi no Daitouryou (More or less a guilty pleasure of my own.) Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou (Played on PSP and I loved it because Yuki is bae.) Sumaga (Not sure how the community feels about it, but I liked it. English TL soon by TLWiki + JAST USA.) Sumaga Special (My favorite out of the two.) Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! (Liked it, but never played the second game.) Kat
  11. Hmmm.... Can you read Japanese fluently? I might have a few to recommend, but I want to get that out of the way first.
  12. When I had my 2013 account, before the rollback and lost it, I liked knowing that I could change my name if I felt like it. I know that this would pose an issue now because the website has grown and the member base has increased quite a bit in the few years Fuwa has been up. I'd like to see it return with the stipulation that you can only change your nickname once. I don't understand any of the underlying HTML and server-side stuff that goes on under the UI, and I'm sure it'd be difficult to re-apply that feature, but it's just something I'd like to see make a comeback.
  13. It doesn't let me even view the comments on the original post about this same subject happening.
  14. Well, there. A temporary fix. It's not like IMing, but it should suffice until Tay fixes it.
  15. What are you two worrying about? Give it some time, it'll be back up within 12 hours. Tay is likely doing maintenance if he's got the free time.
  16. So, I recently traded my PS3 for a 2DS that had this issue of being stuck on a FrankenFirm 11.0.0-4U, which is just 11.0 without a browser. This means that I can't access any backdoors for Homebrew Launcher, and that is a problem. That means I can't install FBI and I can't install CIA files to enhance my 2DS experience. I've commented on a similar post on GBAtemp, but the only conclusion we can come to is to use ninjhax. My point against this though is that since the browser is non-existent and I can't update my firmware version because of the 'stub' or 'dummy' file for the inte
  17. Just like any other model of life, gamers have a choice in what they play.
  18. The only female that plays this game that I know on a personal level is my cousin because I was able to corrupt her into playing it. On a more serious note though, most of the people that play the Hatsune Miku games are men in my experience. I wouldn't say that it's only for girls and women because it seems like it's marketed more towards the male audience. I mean.... Have you seen some of those outfits? Of course, females and other genders like to play games just like any other person that calls themselves a gamer. Gaming is for ALL genders.
  19. 10/10 -KDS Sometimes playing alone is better than playing with others.
  20. Why didn't you vote Call of Duty then? That's the parent series of MW2.
  21. This is a poll to check popularity of FPSes among the Fuwa Community.
  22. I'll drop a subtle rec. Nothing like anything you have read before, but it was complete shit and funny to read. Very questionable as well. Kyoudai Hiai: .01/10 -KaoDoroSesu, 2015
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