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muv luv different disk 2 problem

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first up my pc http://i.imgur.com/mOePch4.png

i also changed my system local to Japanese

so I'm trying to run muv luv and i cant get the patcher to work http://i.imgur.com/UbheuXo.png

so i followed tays guide http://taylorfinch.com/Fuwanovel/MuvLuvInstallGuide.pdf

but when i click install i get the following messages





if you need any more info please ask and thanks for your time :L

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Before you install anything make sure that there's no leftover registry entries from your previous failed installation.

Install MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd first. Then the english patch. Also make sure you make exceptions in your antivirus for both the install directory and the .exe on the .ISO

I'll add the post I made in the other thread. maybe it'll help you.

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I'm not using the fuwa version (I torrented it before fuwanovel opened) but I checked the contents of the fuwa torrent and it seems to be the same.


Okay mount MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd and run setup.exe


Choose install.


You shouldn't need to fiddle with these.


Choose directory. I used E:\Program (x86)\age\マブラヴ11

I don't know if installing it in another folder than マブラヴ11 can affect anything.

Also I found out that my current antivirus hates muv-luv (was running another program when I installed it the last time) so make exceptions in your antivirus for BOTH the exe file on the disc (In my case it's F:\マブラヴ11.exe) and the directory you're installing it in (E:\Program (x86)\age\マブラヴ11 in my case) Otherwise your antivirus may delete files so it won't install correctly.

It should install now. It might show an error message when it's done but ignore it.


Run the english patch. Install the game and extras if you want them (i have always used therm so I don't know if ignoring them affects anything).


Make sure this is the same directory you installed it in originally.


Choose to run it.


This should pop up. Let it be.

Then the VN should start.

But what about Unlimited?

You can ignore Unlimited completly right now. Extra is playable by itself. Once you're done with Extra and start Unlimited it will ask for the disk. Install it then.

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mine works well in window 7 all i need to do is change locate and it worked

sry this is abit off topic but i would like a little help

can i ask 4 question?

1)hey may i ask after i completed extra i can start playing unlimited right?

2)and how do install unlimited after that?

3)just click the installer?

4)i went through 2 main routes which is sumika and meiya when i complete the game option for unlimited came out i clicked and something pop out i think it was something like install the unlimited so i when ahead to install it using the installer. i retry again but this time i when for miki route, when i complete the game the unlimited option is not there

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@bloodwof You mount the Unlimited CD when it asks you to install it. I don't know why the option disappeared. I have never tried the side routes in Extra. Try reading the ending for either the Sumika or Meiya route again and see if it changes anything.

@oh gawd why I'm not proficient enough in japanese to make sense of that message I'm afraid.

But I'm pretty sure that Muv-Luv won't work in w8. Muv-Luv doesn't even work well in w7 (the english patch fixes some issues and makes it run without flaws though) which is why there was a w7 version of it released in Japan recently. Do you have another pc with another operative system to test it on?

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