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Starry Sky


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We've had two technical issue reports on Starry Sky in the last few days, and I thought I'd consolidate my responses here (as well as direct future issues/responses of a technical nature to this location). I am by no means a Starry Sky expert (in technicalities or gameplay -- I don't play otome games), but I did a lot of testing for the torrents and have some useful experience.

Installation Guide

(Quoted from this thread.) I just tried reinstalling on a few different machines and had no problems. Let me detail what I did (this process worked for all the machines I tried), BUT BEFORE YOU FOLLOW THESE STEPS,


1. Keep your region non-unicode settings on English (United States) [if you're in the US, of course]. If you need a guide for changing these settings, see Step 0 in this guide, but reverse it to English.

2. Run the file "[Fuwanovel] Starry Sky ~in spring~.exe" which came with the torrent to unpack the key files

3. Inside the "1) Install Starry Sky" folder run the file "setup.exe" (you can change the installation directory, it doesn't matter)

4. Inside the "2) Then apply this English Patch v1.0 Full" folder run the file called "Starry Sky ~In Spring~ English Patch v1.0.exe" --SEE NEXT STEP--

5. During the patch installation (the installation started in step 4), on the third page it asks you to point the installer to the game directory. Don't point it to the directory you entered into the Japanese game installer, instead navigate to that directory on your hard drive and keep clicking through the Starry Sky folders until you get to the directory with the actual game (look for "starrysky_spring.exe"). THAT'S the directory you want to use. Click on the Win 7 file path up at the top of your window, copy it, and then paste that file path into the English patcher.

Some Notes about the Patch

(Taken from this thread).

1. The translation of Starry Sky was done by a mysterious group and is notoriously buggy;

2. The English patch was hosted on the now-dead site megaupload. The only extant copies are those circulated around the community like those Aaeru provides;

3. From what I've gleamed through my research on the net, the patch has limited success. It works for some people, and not for others.

An Alternate Path

Unfortunately, that's the extent of what I can offer the community for this game. The unique circumstances of the patch (see points 1/2 in the above section) make it difficult for me to suggest anything more. If you've tried the above steps and didn't have any success, I suggest obtaining the game/patch from this site and following their installation protocols.

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