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Mahou Shoujo Game Help


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I am currently thinking about a game I someday would like to develop for cellphones (like iphone and android). 
It's a mix between a visual novel, board game and a card game. 
I have no idea how to program or what to use to program my game, so if you read this and think you can do it and would like to help, please tell me! 
As for myself, I would think up the cardsystem, story, characters and work as the artist (I draw manga). 


Here's a quick concept of the game! It is by no means finished, it's just a start up idea. 

You are a regular girl at school, until you one day get magical powers to fight evil (the usual). You find teammates to pair up with through the story and you will get cards of them to use in battles. 
Every teammate has their special ability. You can change the ability and powers of your teammates by pairing them up with magic cards and transform them (usually they get a new fitting outfit in the card). 
In battles, you use both your teammates to fight and spell cards that have different abilities too. 

So how is it a board game? 
There are different kinds of boards. For example, the story starts at school, so this board is a map of the school. You roll the dice one time each day to move forward, where you land depends on the dice. you can land on a spot that will give you an item, money or energy for example, or one that will give you a card. You can also pass enemies, so you will have to fight with the deck you have created. As you have walked a specific amount through the board, the story will progress. When the school arc is over, a new board will appear, for example the city, and new stories and fights will come along with it. 

This is one part of the game. 
Another part is an online feature. You can fight against friends of strangers to train your teams. 
Then you can use money you've collected in the game to buy decks and get more cards to build your team. 

I am very sorry if the text is confusing, I'm writing straight from my head right now and this is a rough sketch of the idea. What I'm mostly wondering is if anyone knows how it would be possible to create this game and how I can find a programmer to help me. 

Thank you for reading <3 


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Hey ^^
The concept seems fun! However, for this sort of project which is rather big, I think you need first to finish the scenario and the gameplay, otherwise I doubt that you find some good artists and programmers to help you ^^"

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