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    OriginalRen reacted to suikashoujo for a blog entry, New Covers From 5/30/15-6/7/15   
    Hey guys, so I was thinking about how I wanted to use this blog in terms of promoting my song covers, and I realized that making a new post every time I upload something is overkill, since- for the moment, at least- I'm uploading multiple times a week. So for the foreseeable future, I'll be making a post with links to everything I've done that week.

    First off is one that's a week and one day old, but it's new enough that I'll count it.


    Next is one from a few days ago. Honestly, this is probably the weakest of the bunch, so prepare yourself if you subject yourself to it:


    And here's the newest one, just uploaded a few minutes ago.

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