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  1. Worked perfectly. Thanks. You rock (you too plastic memories)
  2. Yeah it has. But how do i do that? (sorry for the not too bright question, still learning) If it's just that, well fuck me
  3. The 1st, 2nd and 4th solutions don't work (still get the exact same error) and i still have to figure how to make the VM work
  4. I also tried with 2 other pcs and the same problem occured
  5. I have also realised that i get the exact same error (設定アイルの読み込みに失敗しました。) when i try to run majikoi S, A2 and A3 on japanese locale (never realised because it worked on english locale so didn't try on japanese locale) but it works perfectly on english locale
  6. the read me file are the instructions from minatosoft and says that i should run the setup but when i try to run it on japanese locale nothing happens but when i try in english it runs (i did not do anything since everyone is telling me to do everything in japanese locale)
  7. On japanese locale, the startuptool give me the same error. Gonna see what the read me file contains
  8. sorry forgot the picture https://imgur.com/a/thnLZEx
  9. avast is desactivated and what do you mean by E or D drive, like a usb key or somethin? (sorry i'm pretty new to this) The picute is what i get for majikoi A1 and A5 on japanese locale
  10. i saw other people with the same issue but they were never given a solution
  11. Btw, i tried uninstalling, run as admin, run with alpharomdie, and other basic stuff like that (i don't remember everything)
  12. HI, I need help concerning majikoi A1 and A5. When i run majikoi A1 (mk-1 file) or the app for majikoi A5 on japanese locale, the game won't launch and simply give me this error: " 設定アイルの読み込みに失敗しました。" which basicaly means that it cannot find the game. When i tried to run the setup and the launcher, well nothing happened for majikoi A5 and for majikoi A1 i tried installing the game from the setup but it changes nothing. What is also strange is that i don't need to be on japanese locale to run majikoi S/A2/A3 and they work perferctly fine (for majikoi A1 the game crashes, normal
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