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  1. I try my best I think the main difference is that Talefab has a non-linear storytelling concept, not like Tyranno or VNM. However, there's much more to be done and improve. @Veshurik, but you should try it yourself.
  2. We have a Community Hub also on FB. Feel free to join it for questions, updates, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/talefab
  3. Hey Novellers! I'm a newbie here, but with decent knowledge of indie game development. I always liked visual novels, and especially FF series' storytelling concepts. I wanted to make my own visual novel (mixed with RPG elements), but was too bored to learn Ren'Py, and couldn't afford Visual Novel Maker. So I started to build my own visual novel engine, and I think it turned out pretty good. I though it could be useful for others too, so I just released it - for FREE! The game engine's URL: https://talefab.com/ My main focus points were: No coding required
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