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  1. I read your review, very informative, thank you. Euphoria already very quickly annoyed me with the h-scenes, especially the dialogue/text during them, a lot of which seemed absurd and rarely seemed to add anything to the plot. It definitely would be a much better VN if all of that would be tweaked, and cut in at least half, as you said in your other post. If Maggot Baits is even worse in that regard, it really doesn't seem worth it, even if I was curious about how extreme a VN can get.
  2. I can see what you mean. Still, I'm just shocked that anyone could ever try to make it sound like Euphoria is "not that fucked up", even if more extreme things exist. I've seen some of the disturbing parts from Starless and Maggot Baits (some very gory parts and bestiality), but not actually played them myself (maybe I'm also underestimating those VNs). How is the story in them?
  3. These comments to me are just insane. Euphoria is "not that fucked up"? Only a 10 compared to a 1000000 for Starless or Maggot Baits? Euphoria is already so fucked up and beyond any semblance of normalcy that going beyond that doesn't really change anything. Yes, those other two are "more" fucked up, but it really doesn't change anything. And really, imagine yourself, being placed into concrete, into a wall, in a public toilet, with only your chest, ass, genitals, face, and hands sticking out of the concrete, where you will be repeatedly gangr***d, used as a public toilet, and otherwise tortured, abused and used. You'd be unable to move, or even clean yourself, covered in come, piss and shit, until you die in that wall where you are stuck inside of concrete. But no, that's not "that fucked up"? Because the other games, have more gore or beastiality? It's like saying Hitler wasn't "that fucked up" because he didn't also personally r*** and murder babies and puppies. He already was so far beyond any Moral Event Horizon, and so irredeemably evil, that it wouldn't matter if he was even more fucked up. Same thing with Euphoria
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