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  1. Aaaaaaaand you guys did it again. Right after releasing the patch I've waited for so long, you decided to raise my faith in humanity even further, by announcing that you will work Majikoi S as well. I thought about offering my help on the project, 'cause I would reeeeaaaally like to be of help for that, but I'm afraid I couldn't do much more than quality checking. I did not have thanked you guys properly for the Majikoi Patch yet (to busy with Miyakos route) so: Thank you for all your efforts! And keep up the good work, you guys are legends to me (<--- totally NOT overreacting)
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since my last visit in this thread, been kind of busy lately. So I recently added Fuwanovel on my facebook account and I've got a little question. Will the release of the Miyako route patch be announced on the Fuwanovel facbeook site as well or just in this thread/the Fuwanovel side itself? May be a stupid thing to ask but I really want to make sure that I don't miss the patch release. Been waiting for years for this : P
  3. Hate to interrupt the chatter but I would like to know if there's still some progress going on on the Miyako Route or at least get some news on it : ) I haven't checked this topic for like two months or something, so I thought I may should take a look to be up to date. Last time I was reading I was at page 118, so I thought to myself "Oh well, better look at the last site, so I know how much pages I have to read" and then I landed on frickin' page 310! xD Didn't plan to pull an allnighter, reading all this stuff (even though I would love to xP), so I thought I should better ask politely : P
  4. My pervert senses were tingling, did I miss something? *just showing up after finishing his exams*
  5. And there you have the name of the project. Project "Let the cuckoo sing" xD
  6. I know it's a bit late but....Where do I sign to join?!!
  7. Yeah we did change the topic a bit. But I don't think it's to bad. I really enjoy talking to people who actually really know their stuff As for the actual Miyako topic, I'm REALLY really exited about it, best thing a new year can start with Personally I haven't even played the Chris route yet. I kind of sworn to myself since the first clash between her and Miyako that I absolutely won't play her route before I've played Miyako's ^^' In my opinion Miyako just deserves an happy end the most. Doesn't mean I don't like Chris though ...........I really like tsundere characters
  8. Aaand it's me again ^^' Sorry, that's a few days back but I forgot to recommend another VN xD Da Capo Don't know if you played it already but it's one of my first VNs ever played and I really liked this one.
  9. Don't worry, you're not alone xD PS: Sorry for double posting, just found out how to multi quote after the last post ^^'
  10. I know what you mean. I just found part 3 of MGQ and thougt 'Oh well, looks nice', so I begun playing it and I was like 'What the? I have no idea whats going on' xD So I decided to play the whole series but...as soon as the Miyako route is ready to be played, MGQ has to wait
  11. So you DO can get Tatsuko? Man I always wanted a story with her because she's one of my favorite minor characters. Her sleepiness is just so cute
  12. Yeah I also dislike the 'no voices' part in Katawa Shoujo ^^' I played Princess Waltz, Ever 17 an Majikoi before I found that one and I guess I were pretty spoiled with awesome story, arts and voiced characters until then xD
  13. Merry Christmas everyone! And happy holidays to you all As for your question, I wouldn't say it's simliar to Majikoi (like hell it is), but I'm recently playing the Monster Gilr Quest series (1-3). I'm still on the first one but I really like the story Also it has a nice (but weird) little battle system, so there are some RPG elements. There are...well...lot of H-Scenes as well but these are rather optinal (you got to lose the battles for those). I also like Katawa Shoujo. It's a VN about a boy who has a really rare heart problem and therefore has to life at a boarding school for handicapped. I really like how strong the handicapped heroines are PS: If there's some bad grammar or something, blame it on the Google Translator ^^'
  14. Don't mind me. Just a random guy who happend to read all the stuff here, feeling all happy about this, created an account and throwing confetti For real guys (and girls?), you just made my day I was wondering if yandere is still working on the translation and checked the side. I was really, really upset about it that it seems the Miyako Route wouldn't be finished And then you guys showed up an SAVED. THE GOD DAMNED. DAY. Thank you for putting so much effort into this to complete one of the best VNs of the world! Majikoi Fans FOREVER!
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