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  1. Hidden Pearls

    So it's not well known in the English community because of how hard people find it to get into (translate 01 Mangagamer!). It has it's dark moments,and it has it's lighthearted moments. Each game has a nice, self-contained story, while the series as a whole has this giant world-building that feels reminiscent of a marvel-movie. Rance is horny and immature as a character, but he has depth, and so do the side characters. No game plays the same (fuck 5d), and it is a great experience.
  2. Hidden Pearls

    https://vndb.org/v28 Shuffle: Got me into Visual Novels. An "old but gold." https://vndb.org/v14022 Rance Series: My favorite series. No 2 games play the same, and the story is great. https://vndb.org/v22948 wolf Tails: A little known vn from a small company. Loved it.