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  1. Majikoi S Error 1200

    Do you have the crack?Also did you set your system local on Japan?
  2. Majikois S error

    I reinstalled for About 3 Times for it to Work . Just hope that it won't happen again. Seem like it might have been some bug . Thanks for your help
  3. Majikois S error

    It seem that's the only thing i Can Do now. Ok
  4. Majikois S error

    Thanks for your answers. It didn't Work but im not giving UP yet.
  5. Majikois S error

    I'll try it as soon as i get Home. Thanks again
  6. Majikois S error

    I tried it but it didn't really work, but thanks anyway,LanThief. well,i'll keep searching a way. i've read that this error appear when you dont have your system local set on japan bout since mine are and it still appear i dont know anymore... ..
  7. Majikois S error

    oh i see. i will try installing this k-lite codec pac .Thanks
  8. Majikois S error

    I have an error in Majikoi S in that everytime i try to launch the game that error appear https://www.google.com/search?q=majikoi+s+error&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=J6ELXw1nL_wPZM%3A%2CwP-q9s6vwKZlAM%2C_&usg=AI4_-kQAT0zrN-zJVbN36-vpjIo3fvDtLA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjr4v-J7_PdAhWoyYUKHVEgAW8Q9QEwB3oECAYQCA#imgrc=J6ELXw1nL_wPZM: . The thing is that i already have my system local set to japan and no-unicode settings too, the crack, and that the game worked just fine yesterday when it suddenly crashed to now. i reinstalled the patch but to no avail and was hoping on finding help here since there is lot of veterans vn readers. And i don't want to reinstall the entire game since its a pain with my low internet and the fact that it might just happen again. By the way im on windows 10. I hope this problem will get solved.... ..thx.
  9. Majikoi S error

    Im problably late but i have the same error , only that i have my system local set on japan and all , the crack, and that the game worked just fine before.... ... can anyone help please ?