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  1. The project isn't alive, per se. I had moved onto being the project lead for Alka Translations and working on things such as Angel Beats, Miazora Fine Days, Summer Pockets Reflection Blue, etc. But now that I'm no longer part of the team, I'm certainly interested in trying to reignite interest in putting together a different team for this once I actually have the time to do so. And if so, I'll be sure and update things here!
  2. We've already got another translator working on that. They just won't be able to work on the next project, so that has nothing to do with this, really.
  3. That's actually what I'm here for. I'm the Editor/TLC and I've got experience enough with both that I make things make sense in English without straying too far from the original text.
  4. I suppose, though I'd argue my elaboration right after makes it more clear what exactly we're looking for
  5. Yeah, a lot of people seem to be pointing out the N2 requirement. The team told me to ask for N2 but I'm beginning to wonder if that's really necessary.
  6. We thought about that, but figured it'd be better to just do the Plus Edition at first, for the core Snow experience, and we'd do the fandiscs if this became successful! Fandiscs included for a first project are rather ambitious. So thank you, if this succeeds, that's one of the next things on our list!
  7. Hello friends! This is newly formed translation group Kinniku22, and we have decided that after 15 years of going untranslated, we're gonna try our hand at developing a fan translation of the Studio Mebius VN, Snow The Visual Novel: "The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess." The Project: Snow is a Nakige released way back in 2003, and has gained a bit of a reputation as an enigma. Many who have played it claim it is good, some even say one of the best, yet all these years later it is not only hard to acquire, but there's been next to nothing on any sort of fan translation. We aim to change that. This translation will also be of the "Plus Edition" of Snow, which contains full voices and an extra route. This is an 18+ version of the game. Team Members: Right now it's just myself and a fellow who goes by the name of Takafumi. We'll be handling the development of the patch itself and the QC, as well as a bit of the translating. We're looking to recruit some folks here from the community who would like to see this project done. Anyone experienced/fluent in Japanese that can communicate with the team in English is more than welcome to come on board! Progress: As we have only just begun, we're busy combing through the files for now. We estimate about 76,000 lines needing to be translated, about a thousand more than the original Little Busters! This section will be updated as we gain more team members and the project gets rolling. Recruitment: As mentioned above, we're looking for translators to help us with this. I'm sure many people would love to help out with this, but due to the sheer amount of translating that needs to be done, we're looking for folks who are pretty experienced, if not fluent in Japanese. We're also native English speakers, so please be able to speak English on a conversational level so we can all communicate properly! This is also a for-fun translation project, so we're not asking any new team members to devote every second of their lives to this. Unless they want to, of course! Contact Info: If you have questions or wish to join the project, you can message me here or contact me at Rinny#0558 on Discord! The latter method is much more preferable, as I have the mobile app and will therefore be able to talk with people both at home and away.
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