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  1. I remember reading somewhere that it was like 30% done a couple months ago and it should be finished in 2-3months. Welp `_`
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I came across most of these other than Phenomeno, mostly just skimmed VNDB though. Will definitely tryout Swan Song/Phenomeno/Hanachirasu. Sayanara wo Oshiete looks REALLY interesting, but if it's already getting translated I'll just wait because it should be close to done, right? Euphoria is a nukige... isn't it? If it's got a good story i'll check it out, but I thought nukige were just for mindless fap lol. Corpse party - 99% sure I wached a let's play of it already. Wasn't into it. Kikokugai looks futuristic, not into that.
  3. My favorite VNs of all time are Cross Channel/Saya no uta. I haven't found anything similar to them, i've tried stuff like Kara no Shoujo/Umineko but they just didn't feel the same. They lacked that desolate psychotic feel for me. Anyways lmk if you guys got any recommendations. Very much prefer it to be translated, but if it's good enough I don't mind trying to mtl it.
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