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    Tay reacted to Mr Poltroon in Here's your daily reminder that I absolutely hate the construction "He is the type to   
    Damn, how does this guy know who I am? What gave it away? The cravat? It was the bloody cravat, wasn't it? Blast it all.
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    Tay got a reaction from Crimrui in Walks forth from the empty, post-apocalyptic hellscape of IPB 3...   
    Hey there,
    Ultimately, yeah, that's me and it's my fault that the front site is still a bit stagnant. We're working on rebooting the front site, but you're absolutely right: there's no reason why we haven't added at least some of the new releases. I'm going to go check with Nay, and then I'll put this on my to-do list.
    For what it's worth, the lack of love to the front site wasn't based in laziness. There were concerns about the current database vs the new reboot's database (thus why I need to talk to Nay). Further, I've been wanting to add pages for licensed games, too, but I'm not able to easily add features to pages, such as a "Buy it here" button.
    RE: Donate button -- should be fixed by Tuesday. I'm having trouble with Paypal and the forums' donation app. That's on my to-do list for tomorrow and, if needed, Monday and Tuesday, so I plan to have it fixed by then. Thank you very much for the generosity!
    Did that address your questions? I'm all ears for pushback or more thoughts/questions : )
    - Tay
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