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  1. Chousokabe would probably resemble Chosen from koihime musou. Now that iv thought about it, i welcome Kri's idea since it would be an interesting play if it occurred during one of the girls routes.
  2. CG's of a trap Yamato wouldn't be that bad. He would resemble a flatter version of his mother. Atleast its not Gakuto or Chousokabe
  3. Attach VNR to A-5 then on the VNR sidebar thing click menu and select text settings. Go back to the game click and have some dialog pop up. It should appear in the text setting window. Once it does select which ever box it is and click the dialog button above it and then save it. Now it should translate the text. Choice's are a bit iffy though. Adds the words autosave to the end and sometimes messes up the order. best way i found to deal with that is to save on the choice screen then hover over the save to get them in the right order. A-5 Seemed pretty enjoyable. Took a quick look
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