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  1. it keep saying that I have no authority over the download and doesn't let me download it. Edit: nvm, I downloaded it as a zip file Now for some weird reason, it doesnt let me execute the file.
  2. Still thanks for looking into it.
  3. I followed the instruction but I have Windows 10 and don't seem to have Windows Simulator.
  4. Welp, the VPN didn't work...location spoofer...can you recommend me any?
  5. I tried, same thing happens.
  6. I tried to play 3ping lovers, And since it has a location lock, I did as I was told and downloaded the Siglus RealLive, But it doesn't work, and this keep popping up. Somebody please help me...
  7. Aku no Kanbu series seems to be the ones that are gaining good praises out of all Lune Soft games. With the first one receiving 7.85 and the second one getting 7.95 on VNDB. They seem to be quite popular as well, they have been turned to OVAs before. Yet there is no english version of it. This is more like a suggestion if anything. Is anyone willing to take this series on? Here are infos for both in VNDB: Aku no Kanbu1 https://vndb.org/v3602 Aku no Kanbu2 https://vndb.org/v15127 The second one follows a whole different lines of characters than
  8. Are you sure it's been "overshadowed" by Walkure Romanze? It received TVA and OVAs, I mean, Walkure Romanze, I believe is their recent work, so I don't think overshadowed is the right term there. Also, isn't there a team working on Walkure Romanze?
  9. Well, shit game might be true, but it is also one of the developer's biggest success, is it not? And honestly, this one is not made for its story, but for its H scenes...
  10. This game has been out since, like, forever, right? How come there is no translated version of it? Has it ever been worked on? If so, who and why did they stop? Can anyone pick it back up again?
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